• Faculty are one of the most important pillars of applied research. With their expertise, knowledge and experience they’re able to develop and perform research to improve academic programs and to support industry partners. If you’re a faculty member at Lambton College and you’re interested in becoming involved in Applied Research, there are a number of ways you can participate.

    Research Lead Role

     As the lead of an applied research project, you will be able to:

    • Develop a project and partnership
    • Identify the elements of research
    • Prepare proposals
    • Execute the project
    • Disseminate the research results

    Benefits of Research for Faculty

    • Gain new technical skills and expertise
    • Create research group
    • Manage research
    • Improve courses and academic programs
    • Participate in conferences, workshops and events
    • Publish scientific findings

    Funding Resources

    Depending on the area of research and collaboration model, there are various funding sources available. Some of these resources are:

    • Lambton College RIF
    • NSERC
    • SSIRC
    • OCE
    • FedDev
    • CONII

    Research Ethics Board

    Lambton College’s Research Ethics Board ensures that research pertaining to human subjects complies with the highest standards as outlined by the Tri-Council Guidelines. REB considers the following ethical principles:

    • Human Dignity
    • Free and Informed Consent
    • Respect for Vulnerable Persons
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