• If you are looking to maximize your dollars through Lambton College programs, leverage funding through collaborative research or wondering how to test your technologies or study new ideas, our growing team of world-class researchers, students and facilities can help you achieve these goals.

    Below are the steps that you would take as part of the Research Project Process for industry:

    Phase 1:



    Phase 2:

    Proposal Preparation

    • Identify Suitable Funding
    • Full Proposal Development
    • Approvals
    • Submission for Funding

    Phase 3:


    • Funding Granted
    • Contractual Documents
    • Regulatory Requirements
    • Project Implementation, Monitoring & Management

    Phase 4:

    Knowledge Dissemination & Reporting

    • Reporting
    • Publications
    • Knowledge Transfer
    • Commercialization
    • Final Reports
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