Turn your passion into an exciting career with the Culinary Management diploma. Learn from seasoned chefs with years of experience at some of the finer restaurants in Canada.

Know that you are being taught by faculty who have owned and managed independent restaurants and kitchens in numerous settings across the world. Your learning environment will be flexible as you develop real-life skills and are held to standards that are among the highest in culinary education.

Students spend a considerable amount of time working in the kitchen of Lambton College's own restaurant - Creations. This experience allows students to be totally immersed in all of the facets of full-service restaurant operations. A paid co-op occurs in Term 3 where students are given authentic culinary exposure to hone their skills and enhance their understanding of the operation of the culinary industry.

As part of working at Creations, students are given an opportunity to challenge themselves in a supportive environment with small lab sections. Faculty are committed to sharing with students the importance of sustainable practices and all students are exposed to purchasing and preparing local foods. In an effort to remain current with modern shifts in the restaurant industry, new courses in Sustainable Agriculture and Nutritional Cooking have been added to the curriculum. These courses provide students with the tools to plant, tend and cultivate food staples using nutritional theories to prepare foods for restaurants and/or institutional facilities.

Students complete course work in this program that enables them to challenge Levels 1 and 2 of the in-school portion of the Cook Apprenticeship. Once they have secured an apprenticeship, completed the practical hours, and passed the Certificate of Qualification (Red Seal) exam, they could qualify as a Journey Person Cook in the province of Ontario. 

Students entering this program are entering a Mobile Learning - Class+ Experience program. The Class+ Experience is exclusive to Lambton College, where technology inspires learning. Mobile devices allow students to experience learning both inside and outside the classroom, integrating educational apps and tools into class activities. See device requirements.


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Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:
Grade 12 English C or U

Mature applicants must be at least 19 years of age by the start of classes, be out of secondary school for at least one year and usually do not have a high school diploma. Mature applicant assessment for this program is available in the Counselling Department in the subject of English and Math. The assessment(s) will demonstrate proficiency in required admission subjects. For more information please contact the Counselling Department at ext. 3412. Academic admission requirements can be obtained through Academic Upgrading and Pre-Programs at Lambton College.

Employment Opportunities

The professional focus and high standards of the Culinary Management program has served graduates well when it comes time to begin their career. Graduates may find employment at various levels from entry level to management in a variety of food and beverage operations. These can range from restaurants, hotels, resorts, institutions, clubs, and banquet and catering facilities. Some graduates will find fulfillment in entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Educational Pathways

See where you could go within Ontario to complete a degree once you've completed this Lambton College program.


Students complete course work in this program that enables them to challenge Levels 1 and 2 of the in-school portion of the Cook Apprenticeship. Once they have secured an apprenticeship, complete the practical hours and pass the Certificate of Qualification exam, they qualify as a Journey Person Cook in the province of Ontario.

Students are also awarded Responsible Beverage Service, SmartServe Ontario, and Safe Food Handlers certifications by a nationally recognized facility called Train-Can. All certifications must be earned in the first term of the Culinary Management program. A pass of 80% is required for the SmartServe Ontario standardized test and a pass of 70% is required for Safe Food Handlers county-proctored test.

Students will also be expected to attain their First Aid/CPR certificate during their first year of the program. Students who currently possess any of these credentials and can validate them will be exempt from any of these tests/exams.