Office Administration - Health Services
Program Code: OAHS (Full-Time) Length of Program: Two-Year Co-op Awarded Upon Completion: Ontario College Diploma Starts: Sep (Open)
Mobile Learning Program
Term 1 CPT-1064 Spreadsheets GED-XXX3 General Education Elective MTH-1002 Business Mathematics OFT-1033 Windows, Records Management and Internet Research Concepts SDV-1001 College Orientation WPA-1105 Introductory Document Processing Term 2 ACC-1013 Small Office Accounting CPT-1073 Database ENG-1244 Business English Skills I GED-XXX3 General Education Elective JSS-1001 Job Search and Success OFP-1024 Administrative Professional Procedures WPA-1204 Intermediate Document Processing Term 3 ENG-2243 Business English Skills II MED-1074 Medical Transcription I MED-1204 Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology I OFP-2014 Medical Office Procedures WPA-2103 Advanced Document Processing Term 4 CPL-1003 Work Term - Part-Time - OR - ENG-4163 Business Reports -PLUS- MED-1033 Pharmacology MED-1303 Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology II MED-2072 Medical Transcription II GED-XXX3 General Education Elective ACC-2204 Accounting and Billing Systems

The Office Administration – Health Services diploma program is ideal for those students interested in providing support in a health and wellness care setting outside of the direct patient-care specialty. This two-year program prepares graduates to assist in medical and health-related offices. The positions may include assisting medical practitioners and wellness professionals to keep the office operating effectively or supporting the many offices or departments of hospitals or health care facilities. Employers need health care administrative professionals with exceptional medical office and advanced-level technological skills, including skills in transcription of a wide range of medical data, the ability to provide excellent customer service and the organizational expertise and discretion to keep the office running smoothly.

The final two terms focus on health services office administration with a concentration on medical terminology and its construction as well as a detailed background in anatomy and physiology. Students will be familiar with procedures required to operate a medical office including fundamentals of pharmacology, expert medical keyboarding as well as OHIP billing and filing procedures. With a wide variety of hands-on practical experience built into the program, graduates of the Office Administration - Health Services program are fully trained to meet the demands of today's health care and wellness setting. Students embrace an active-learning environment including an optional internship in the fourth term providing up to 180 hours of practical health care office and wellness experience.

In a 2015 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) survey, 100% of students said their main goal when enrolling in the Office Administration - Health Services program was to prepare for employment. Likewise, 100% of the students were satisfied with the skills and abilities the program provided to their chosen career.

Students entering this program are entering a Mobile Learning - Class+ Experience program. The Class+ Experience is exclusive to Lambton College, where technology inspires learning. Mobile devices allow students to experience learning both inside and outside the classroom, integrating educational apps and tools into class activities. See device requirements.


Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:
Grade 12 English C or U

Mature applicants must be at least 19 years of age by the start of classes, be out of secondary school for at least one year and usually do not have a high school diploma. Mature applicant assessment for this program is available in the Counselling Department in the subject of English. The assessment(s) will demonstrate proficiency in required admission subjects. For more information please contact the Counselling Department at ext. 3412. Academic admission requirements can be obtained through Academic Upgrading and Pre-Programs at Lambton College.

Employment Opportunities

Our graduates have the skills, knowledge and proficiency to pursue careers in offices of physicians, specialists, clinics, dental, hospital departments, and health and wellness offices. Some job titles used for these types of positions are medical receptionist, medical transcriptionist, client services, customer care agent, nursing clerical assistant, medical assistant and medical support clerk.

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Tuition Fees
Breakdown of fees for Year 1
Year 1
Ancillary Fee$687.98
Student Government Fee$285.20
Health/Dental Plan$188.69
S D V/App$39.55
Total Fees$4,052.88
Breakdown of fees for Year 2
Year 2
Co-op Fee$237.62
Ancillary Fee$587.44
Student Government Fee$216.80
Health/Dental Plan$188.69
Total Fees$4,082.01

Please Note: These fees apply to the 2016-2017 academic year and are subject to change. Fees do not include books (unless specifically noted), supplies or living costs.

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