Current Projects

The following list of projects are either in-progress or approved but not started:

ProjectResearch Area
Design and Prototype of Vibration Sensor Insulator Mount
State-of-Charge Estimation for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries Advanced Material Development
Formulation Development and Process Optimization for Novel Recyclable Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) Advanced Materials Development
Active Playground Equipment - Corrosion Resistant Articulation Hinge Advanced Materials Development
A Rapid Analytical Method or Prototype for Testing Quality of Ingredients with Application in the Food, Agricultural, and Pharmaceutical Industries Bio-Technology
Biomass Torrefaction Process Development Bio-Technology
Design Sugar Beet Processing Units Bio-Technology
Design, Development and Test Wood Gasification Process Bio-Technology
Development of a Proprietary High Alcohol-Yielding Nutrient Blend Bio-Technology
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer for Bio-Industrial Process Research Applications Bio-Technology
Market Research and Product Development for a Bio-based Line of Fertilizers Derived from Spent Mushroom Substrate Bio-Technology
Pilot Study and Optimization of NovelSolvent-free Technology for Production of High Functional Protein Powders from Pulses, Grains, and Seeds. Bio-Technology
Testing the Ability of Pennycress for use as Bio-Pesticide and Brownfield Remediation Bio-Technology
Validation, Automation and Optimization of the Cellulosic Sugar Demonstration Plant Bio-Technology
Impact Assessment of Vegan vs. Standard Diet Bio-Technology
Instrumentation and Control Systems Design Capstone Project
Social Science Capstone Capstone Project
Entrepreneurship I & II Capstone Project
Voucher For E-Business Economics & Business
Assessing the Relationship between an Enhanced Simulation Environment and the Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Paramedic Students Health & Wellness
Understanding Bachelor of Nursing Students' perception of an international service learning experience Health & Wellness
Connecting Link2Feed to Collective Impact Platforms Information Technology
Development of Mobile Energy Service Management System Information Technology
Development of One-Touch Lock-Out (OTLO) System for Industrial Applications Information Technology
Development of Information Technology
Enhancement, Field Testing and Integration of One-Touch Lock-Out (OTLO) System for industrial Applications Information Technology
Productivity Improvement for RedRick's Operations Process Information Technology
Development of Wireless Isolation Tool Pressure Monitoring Technology Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization
Improving Efficiency and Sustainability of the Brewery Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization
An Optimized Distributed LED Power Supply Model Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Assessment and Optimization of Operational Efficiencies of Advanced Outage Management System (AOMS) Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Combined Heat and Power Generation Using PV-Thermal Hybrid System Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Design, Analysis and Implementation of Establishing Micro Grid Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Development of High-Efficiency and Low-Cost Fuel Cell Stack for a Novel BioGenerator Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Enterprise Mobile Platform (EMP) for Utilities to Provide Two-way Communication Management Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Optimization and Integration of Novel BioGenerator Process in Pilot Scale Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Optimization and Validation of Operational Efficiencies of Transformer Monitoring System (DTMS) Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Performance Analysis and Optimization of Structural Tech's Novel Single Axis Solar Tracker System Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Doped Titania Nanotubes Under Visible Light – Optimizing Doping Process and Photobioreactor Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Shell Eco-Marathon Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Testing Novel Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) for Electricity Generation for Large Scale Applications Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Validation of Operational Efficiencies of Advanced Fault, Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) System for Distribution Grid Automation Renewable Energy Conversion & Storage
Age Friendly Sarnia Social Science & Community Services
Advanced Instrumentation, Control and Optimization of a Mobile Membrane Distillation Wastewater Treatment Pilot Plant for Oil, Gas, and Mining Applications Water & Wastewater
Foot Powered Washing Machine Optimization of Operating Conditions and Proof of Efficiency Water & Wastewater
Inflow and Infiltration Study – Bright’s Grove Water & Wastewater
LAWSS Polymer Filter Aid Dosage to Dual-Media Filter Study Water & Wastewater
Polymer Filter Aid Dosage to Dual-Media Filter Study Water & Wastewater
Web Based Database Software for Industrial Plant Historian Integration Water & Wastewater
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