Community Services

Student Services

Aboriginal Cultural/Learning Centre

The Aboriginal Cultural/Learning Centre is a friendly, supportive environment for students from Aboriginal backgrounds.


Accessibility Centre

If you’re a student with a documented disability you will want to speak to someone in the Accessibility Centre. Our friendly and supportive staff would be happy to discuss how accommodations can be made this fall.


Students at Lambton stay active by participating in both intramural and varsity sports. At the varsity level, the college offers men’s and women’s soccer, basketball and cross country; students can also participate in a wide variety of intramural sports at varying skill levels. In addition to organized sports, all full-time students at Lambton College have access to a workout facility at no extra cost.

CAI (Centre for Academic Integrity)

Academic integrity is a standard of honest and ethical practice held by individuals within an educational environment. Students, faculty members and staff exhibit academic integrity by upholding the values of honesty, fairness, responsibility and diligence in their work.

Campus Shop

As a student at Lambton College you will want to become familiar with the Campus Shop. The Campus Shop is where you can buy books, Lambton gear and many of your office supply needs.


Full-time students have access to academic and personal counselling on-campus. As a prospective student, you also have access to academic counselling; stop by and ask us how we can help you discover the right post-secondary path.

Financial Aid

With the cost of education continually on the rise, all students should check out the financial aid office. This is where students can find out more about OSAP, bursaries and awards. 

First Generation Services

Access Free Faculty Tutoring and attend academic and self-management workshops.

Health & Wellness

Lambton College has an on-campus health facility where students can make appointments to see a doctor or a nurse without leaving the college campus.


The Library Resource Centre at Lambton College isn’t just a place to find books. It is also a great resource for students when they are looking for quiet study areas, computer access, research databases and group study rooms.

MyCareer Centre

Students who are in a co-op program receive assistance from this department when it is time to find co-op employers. All of Lambton’s students can access job search services which include, job banks, interview workshops and resume building services.


Lambton College Residence is home to over 280 students and is a great place to meet friends, socialize, relax, study and grow.

Student Administration Council

As a student at Lambton College your Student Administrative Council is working on your behalf. The SAC office is made up of elected students who are responsible for speaking on behalf of the student body. They also manage the on-campus Lion’s Den pub and the student lounge. Any student can run for SAC; elections take place towards the beginning of the fall term.

Student Benefits

Full-time students at Lambton receive health and dental benefits as part of their tuition costs. Opt-in and opt-out options are available.


Lambton College offers testing services to both the college community and the general public. Testing services are available at the on-campus Learning Bridge where students have access to proctored tests in a quiet and comfortable testing facility. Testing services are available to full-time Lambton College students at no extra cost and external students are subject to a minimal fee.


As part of its commitment to helping students achieve the best grades they can, the Learning Bridge provides peer tutoring at no extra cost to all eligible students. Students are eligible for peer tutoring if they are enrolled full-time and are attending classes on a regular basis. Tutoring begins the third week of each term and a schedule is created based on the availability of each student tutor.