• What are the costs of a mobile learning program?

    Every student enrolled in a mobile learning program must own a personal, program-approved mobile device. While the initial investment might increase costs in many programs it decreases the costs of other materials such as textbooks. Currently, financial assistance isn’t readily available.

    Approximate Device Costs (includes taxes)

    • iPad 2 - $460
    • iPad Mini - $375
    • Bluetooth keyboard - $50

    What types of devices can I use in my mobile learning program classes?

    Please see the Technological Requirements section for information about your program-specific requirements.

    What happens if my device is not working?

    Rental units are available from the IT Helpdesk as a temporary replacement in the event of lost or broken devices throughout the school year.

    Will I have to purchase textbooks, apps and software?

    While traditional textbooks will still be available, it is recommended that they be purchased in e-format whenever possible. Textbook-based learning activities have been adapted to use on mobile devices. Program-specific apps have also been incorporated into mobile learning curriculum, the majority of which are free or inexpensive. Each program will also identify any specialized software requirements, which will be available for purchase through the bookstore at a reduced cost.

    I’m enrolled in a mobile learning program. Are all my courses developed for mobile learning?

    Most program courses will have a mobile learning component. For instance, in some courses the mobile technology will provide a portal to course resources, making them available anywhere you have an internet connection. In other courses, mobile technology will be used in the classroom to deliver materials and learning activities that would be otherwise unavailable without the use of a mobile device. A minimum of one course each term will involve some online learning content, which can be accessed using your personal device.

    If I need help navigating my device or have questions, where do I go for help?

    Lambton College’s Mobile Specialist and IT Helpdesk are always available to offer guidance and answer questions in regards to using a mobile device. Teachers and classmates can also offer suggestions on how to get the most out of a mobile learning experience.

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