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  • Ace the Interview

    Learn the secrets to be successful in an employment interview. Being prepared for an interview will help you make a great impression and get the job you want. From early preparation , handling hard to answer questions, being positive during the interview and doing important follow-up, will help you be more successful at all your interviews.

    Apprenticeship Information

    This session is designed to provide you with the answers you need regarding apprenticeship. This workshop is suitable for individuals interested in the apprenticeship field and how to begin the process.

    • Provide information about apprenticeship in Ontario
    • How to get started, and what to expect
    • An opportunity to ask trade specific questions, and explore the job market surrounding different apprenticeships.

    Developing a Job Search Portfolio

    Learn how a well organized portfolio showcasing your achievements, can be an important part of career planning. This workshop introduces you to a tool that will allow you to organize your job search activities and showcase your value as a potential employee. Topics include What a Career Portfolio is, how you can create your own portfolio, and how you can use this tool to set yourself apart from other job candidates.

    Exploring your Employment Possibilities

    • This workshop is suitable for participants who do not have a clear job/career goal or want to explore new options, and is designed to:
    • Provide an overview of the process of exploring career/work options; assist participants to create a Self Portrait of their skills, work values, lifestyle/health needs and work interests
    • Provide tools to match skills and interests to a number of potential occupations

    Job Search Techniques

    Would you like to learn some new job hunting techniques? Here we will give you some tips on finding the right job for you and how to make the best impression in the process. Learn how to tap into the “hidden job market” using the art of networking and cold calling.

    This workshop focuses on gathering labour market information, decision-making and goal-setting. Participants will gain:

    • A better understanding of labour market information
    • Tools to help collect labour market information and an understanding of how to use them
    • Strategies to help in making decisions when choosing a career or occupational goal
    • Approaches to goal-setting to assist in implementing career/occupational action plans

    Personality Dimensions

    PD is an easily understood method for building self-awareness, self-esteem and effective communication strategies. It uses the self-discovery method to select the temperament that is most like you, and helps to determine your preferred work style, work environment, strengths, challenges, and career fit.

    Résumé Workshop

    Whether you already have a résumé that needs updating or you need to develop a new résumé from scratch, this workshop will give you helpful tips to help you create a polished, professional looking résumé you will be proud to hand to any employer.

    • Learning effective computer skills to manage your job search
    • Online applications
    • LinkedIn, Twitter, creating an e-mail account

    Learn how to improve your basic computer skills and learn computer functions necessary for job search success. Basic computer skills workshops are for individuals who have little or no previous experience with computers. The components of the workshops include: orientation to computers, typing skills, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, internet navigation, and email.

    Additional Services that can be facilitated by CES

    • Essential Skills Information
    • Generational Differences in the Workplace
    • Customer Service Training
    • WHMIS
    • Health and Safety
    • Sensitivity/Diversity Training
    • Information on accommodation needs
    • Mentoring/Coaching
    • Safe Food Handling **
    • Smart Serve**

    ** Testing fees for these programs will be incurred by the employee/employer

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