• Lambton College established a Joint Diploma Program with Hubei University of Technology (HUT) in March 2006. This program is part of the Chinese Education System and has limited enrolment. The number of resident foreign teachers has grown from one in 2008 to seven in 2011. These international teachers are employed directly by Hubei University of Technology.

    Hubei University of Technology is located in the city of Wuhan which is the capital city of Hubei Province. The university is a multi-disciplinary university under the direct administration of Hubei Province. Hubei University of Technology offers degrees in engineering, science, art design, economics, English and management. In 2006, the university was assessed as “Level A” in the undergraduate teaching evaluation conducted by the State Ministry of Education. The university has formed ties with universities, colleges and research institutions around the world.

    The programs currently offered at Hubei University of Technology include:

    • Business Administration – International Business
    • Business Administration – International Accounting
    • Business Administration – Marketing

    Hubei University of Technology
    Nanhu, Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China 4300068

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