NFPA 600 Evaluation

  • Description

    Participants will demonstrate control and extinguishment of flammable/combustible liquid and gas-fueled fires utilizing water fog and foam. In addition, they will safely ventilate and/or extinguish interior fires and perform effective search and rescue exercises within a burning building. Participants will be able to demonstrate the proper use of self-contained breathing apparatus during search and rescue and interior structural firefighting exercises. To achieve the training program goals, participants must be able to effectively demonstrate certain competencies in the practical exercises.

    This course is an option for attaining training in the NFPA 600 Industrial Fire Brigade Member Series - Advanced Interior/Exterior I Level. It is an option only if participants have the firefighting training and experience that would allow them to qualify for topics covered in the NFPA 600 Evaluation course.

    This course is intended to evaluate industrial and municipal firefighters in their ability to deal with both hydrocarbon fire emergencies and interior structural fires.


    • Length: 2 days
    • Prerequisites: NFPA 600 Incipient III
    • Cost: $1,575/person
    • 2017 Dates:
      • September 14 - September 15
      • November 22 - November 23
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