Vapour Plume Ignition

  • Description

    This two-day ignition program has been updated to prepare all ignition team members to safely and effectively deal with uncontrolled vapour plumes from wells, pipelines, production and/or storage facilities. The first day of the program is a classroom session. Topics covered in the program include:

    • Emergency response and public safety assessment
    • Operational considerations affecting plume release
    • Plume development and dispersion factors
    • Pre-ignition hazard assessment
    • Plume ignition equipment and procedures

    On the second day, additional theory and various ignition devices are discussed. This is followed by a hands-on "live-fire" ignition training exercise in the afternoon, in which participants practice hazard assessment techniques and then ignite several vapour plumes (propane).


    • Length: 2 days
    • Prerequisites: n/a
    • Cost: $2,125 + HST
    • Dates:
      • TBD
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