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  • Enhance your college experience by getting involved in college or community activities or clubs.


    Debate Club

    The Debate Club helps students develop excellent communication skills, research skills, improves articulation and strategies to overcome the fear of public speaking. It helps in developing one's critical thinking abilities that are essential in daily lives. Debate competitions are organized twice every term.

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    Photo Club

    The Photo Club was created for all the photography enthusiasts. Photo Club events are organized, and themes are given to students. They are asked to submit their photography and prizes will be awarded to the winners of each contest.

    Join the Photo Club by visiting their Facebook page

    Photo Club

    Book Club

    The Book Club activities are organized for all those who love reading. Our Book Club continues to grow each term and we are always ready to welcome ne faces. Book selections are posted on the Lambton in Mississauga Facebook page.

    As of the Winter 2021 term, LinkedIn Learning has been included in the Book Club as an initiative to promote students to learn new areas of interest. Participants are given prizes based on their participation and entries. At the end of the term students who submit their LinkedIn Learning certificates of completion will receive a certificate from the College.

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    Interactive Session Club

    The Interactive Session Club is open to students from all terms. This is a great opportunity for students to network, share job market trends, and have games with their peers from different programs.

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    International Woman's Club

    The International Women's Club is a great opportunity to develop valuable connections, personal growth, and purposeful engagement. If you are looking for a networking community of ambitious women, you are in the right place.

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    Student Volunteer

    Student Representatives

    Student representatives from each program help new first term students during registration and orientation via the WhatsApp groups. Our student representatives also take on the tasks of promoting and encouraging student participation in clubs, activities, and events. Based on performance, our student representatives could be promoted to student ambassadors where their skills and talents can be further utilized.

    Student Ambassadors

    Student ambassadors are meant to understand how students are feeling about the services of the College and to implement changes they would like to see. Student ambassadors work among other students towards materializing any ideas and thoughts in collaboration with Student Services.

    Volunteer MBC

    Students who wish to volunteer and support the community in Mississauga can connect and register at Volunteer MBC, a non-profit organization that connects volunteers to local organizations that need assistance. Lambton in Mississauga students who are engaged with supporting the community through volunteer work may also be eligible for scholarships from Queen's College. Please consult with the Manager of Registration for more information.


    Monthly activities are posted and scheduled on the Queen's College Moodle platform. Current students can log in for more details.

    Past events include fashion contests, alumni speakers, pitch your idea competitions, scavenger hunts, ping pong, Sarnia visits, chess competitions, soccer games, music competitions, etc.

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