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Online Registration & Orientation

  • Online registration and completion of academic success modules is mandatory for all new students beginning Winter 2021. Registration will take place between November 6 and January 15.

    Complete Registration & Academic Success Modules in 5 Easy Steps

    The online registration for Winter 2021 is now closed.

    1. Complete the Pre-Arrival Online Orientation and download your certificate of completion
    2. Login for online registration - online registration is now closed.

      Please only use a desktop or laptop to complete your online registration.

      1. To complete the registration process, students will need:
        • Username - your student ID (without the c0 - example: 79XXXX)
        • Password - your passport number used at application time

        Live assistance - via the chat function - will be available on the registration system Monday - Friday (8 a.m. - 10 a.m. EST) from November 6 to January 15.

      2. Upload required documents - these include:
        • Pre-Arrival Orientation Certificate
        • Lambton College acceptance letter for Winter 2021
        • Lambton College fee receipt which includes a fee receipt number (not Flywire or Western Union receipts)
        • Passport with biometric information (photo, name, passport number)
        • Personal email address typed in correctly as communication will be sent to this address
        • Passport page bearing visa stamp
        • Study Permit Approval letter, Approval-in-Principle, Study Permit Application or Study Permit
        • Work Permit (if applicable)
        • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) sticker in passport (if applicable)

        You will receive a confirmation email in your personal email inbox within two days of uploading your documents. You will be provided a link in the email to complete a check-in. Once that is completed, you will receive two emails from Lambton College for your mylambton credentials to your personal email address. If you do not complete the check-in you will not receive your mylambton credentials. For questions about documents, please contact studentservices@queenscollege.ca.

        Please Note: You cannot be registered if you are missing any of the documents listed. You may need to contact your agent directly for some of the documents.

    3. Complete Academic Success Modules at Moodle. We will share your Moodle username and password in the confirmation email as mentioned in step 2.

      1. Steps to accessing Academic Success Modules:
        1. Login with your username and password provided in registration confirmation email
        2. Select MY COURSES
        4. Complete all modules, including:
          • College Orientation
          • Academic Excellence
          • Student Portals 1 and 2
          • Moodle Technologies
          • How to Effectively Study with Remote Delivery
          • Take the New Student Online Test at Moodle
      2. Students registered by December 31 please complete your Academic Success Modules on the assigned days below:
        Monday, January 4
        Business Management - International Business (BMIM)
        International Business (BINM)
        Tuesday, January 5
        Business Management - Human Resources (BMHM)
        Hotel & Resort Management (HRMM)
        Wednesday, January 6
        Computer Programmer (CPCM)
        Cyber Security & Computer Forensics (CSFM)
        Wireless Networking (WNEM)
        Thursday, January 7
        Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership (PMLM)
        Tourism - Operations Management (TMAM)
        Recreation Therapy (TREM)
        Friday, January 8
        Computer Software & Database Development (CSAM)
        Supply Chain Management (SCMM)

        For students who register after December 31 - Academic Success Modules will be available to complete two days after you've submitted your online registration.

    4. Select Class Schedule - Begins January 6 at 8 a.m. EST - classes are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis
      1. To select your class schedule:
        1. Login to Queens College Services
        2. Select SCHEDULES
      2. Please Note: Registered students who do not select their schedule by January 13 will be assigned to a schedule on January 14. 

    5. After arriving in Canada and once you have found a permanent accommodation, update your student information:
      1. Login to Queens College Services
      2. Select your name icon from the top right
      3. Select MY PROFILE
      4. Upload your photo for your Student ID Card
      5. Update your Canadian address and phone number
      6. Upload your study permit

    Quarantine Package

    The requirement to purchase of a mandatory quarantine package applies ONLY if you are planning to travel to Canada.

    All students travelling to Canada for the Winter 2021 term MUST purchase a quarantine package. Check the IRCC website for updates.

    If you have questions about the mandatory quarantine package, please email quarantine@queenscollege.ca.

  • Questions?

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact studentservices@queenscollege.ca or 905-890-7833 x 221.

  • That's it. Welcome to Lambton College in Mississauga! We are excited to have you.

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