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Refund Policy

  • Lambton College encourages all international students to fully explore their academic options before selecting and making any payments to Lambton College. If students have questions regarding this Refund and Withdrawal process, please contact the Lambton College International Education Office at international@lambtoncollege.ca.

    Lambton College’s International Student Withdrawal and Refund process has been developed to be in compliance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Fee and Refund Policy and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Study Permit guidelines.

    Lambton College bears no responsibility for funds that go astray due to inaccurate or obsolete financial information provided by the student. Applicants/students are responsible for all banking and foreign exchange charges associated with their payment/refund.

    Visa Denial

    Lambton College will provide a refund of any prepaid tuition (less a $250 refund processing fee) if the applicant is denied a student visa under the condition that the applicant provides the Lambton College International Education Office an authentic visa denial letter issued by the Canadian High Commission within the first ten (10) days of the applicant’s first semester. Provided such visa denial letter is deemed to be genuine and accurate by the Lambton College International Education Office, the applicant will receive a refund of prepaid tuition fees, less the $250 refund processing fee.

    College Withdrawal

    If you withdraw by the first 10 days of the beginning of the term for any reason, including transferring to a different institution in Canada, you will be charged an administrative fee. The administrative fee is calculated in accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) refund policy. If a request for withdrawal is not received within the first 10 days of the international student's semester, no refund of semester fees will be issued.

    To verify the identity of the student and to safeguard prepaid monies deposited by students, all international students must request a withdrawal and refund IN PERSON at the study location indicated on the student’s letter of acceptance. A written request for withdrawal will only be accepted from students who have not yet entered Canada or received a valid study permit allowing entry into Canada. The written request must be sent to international@lambtoncollege.ca. For international students who have already entered Canada based on their acceptance to Lambton College, only withdrawal requests in person will be accepted; written requests will not be accepted. 

    Withdrawal Process: All Locations

    As per our college's 10 day policy, students who wish to withdraw or request a refund must do so in person at the study location as indicated on the Letter of Acceptance before 4:30 p.m. on January 22, 2021. The address of the study location is noted at the bottom of each letter of acceptance and can also be found below:

    Lambton College in Sarnia (Main Campus)
    1457 London Road, Sarnia ON N7S 6K4
    Lambton College in Toronto (Cestar College Campus)
    265 Yorkland Blvd, Unit 400, Toronto, ON M2J 1S5
    Lambton College in Mississauga (Queen’s College Campus)
    121 Brunel Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 3E9

    For students transferring to another institution, refunds will be processed only if attending an approved Designated Learning Institute for the same semester as accepted to attend at Lambton College. Additionally, the program level of study must be the same or higher than the one accepted to attend at Lambton College (for example, post-graduate to post-graduate, or undergraduate to post-graduate).

    The following documents must be presented in person to the correct study location:

    • a valid letter of acceptance to another institution indicating start date and level of study
    • proof of payment to the new institution
    • passport
    • all valid permits (study and/or work permit)

    For students accepted to educational institutions in Quebec, only students that are in possession of a Certification of Acceptance (CAQ) will be approved for a withdrawal. Failure to provide this CAQ document before the withdrawal deadline will result in the denial of the withdrawal request and no refund will be issued. The CAQ must accompany the Quebec institution’s letter of acceptance.

    Students who withdraw and return home must submit the withdrawal application documents including passport, all valid permits (study and/or work permit), flight ticket, and re-entry stamp upon return to home county.

    Students who defer their admission to the next intake forgo the right to receive a refund of the first semester payment if they are approved for a valid study permit to Canada. The prepayment of first semester tuition will remain with Lambton College.

    Students in subsequent terms (terms two, three or four) who withdraw are subject to the administrative fee charges based on the respective program of study. 

    Appropriate and warranted refunds will be processed within eight (8) weeks once Lambton College has received all documentation required to support the withdrawal request.

    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be notified of the student’s withdrawal from the College.

    It is the ultimate responsibility of an international student to keep their records up to date with the IRCC.

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