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  • International students have both short and long term housing options while attending Lambton College in Sarnia.

  • Short-Term Housing Options

    There are many short-term options where you can stay temporarily as you search for longer and permanent accommodation. 

    Sunbridge Hotel
    Lambton College has arranged hotel rooms at a subsidized rate for international students in the Winter intake. Students can stay up to a maximum of 10 nights with either single, 2, 3 or 4-person occupancy between April 17 to May 15, 2023. Only Lambton College students and their immediate family members (spouse and children) are permitted to stay in the hotel rooms at the subsidized rate. Your registration must be received at least four days before your arrival date. Students who share a room must check in and check out at the same time. Students cannot switch or change rooms.
    • 1 Lambton student - $102 per student per night
    • 2 Lambton students - $51 per student per night
    • 3 Lambton students - $34 per student per night
    • 4 Lambton students - $25.50 per student per night

    To register for the Sunbridge Hotel, please complete the form HERE.

    Local Hotels

    New students arriving in Canada between April 17 and May 19, 2023 are entitled to a reimbursement of up to $200 if they choose to stay in one of the hotels in Sarnia listed below. To receive your reimbursement, submit your hotel invoice to international@lambtoncollege.ca after you complete your hotel stay. The $200 will be credited to your college account and applied to your future term.

    The following hotels offer a 48-hour cancellation policy and flexible rescheduling option if your flight is delayed or cancelled. Book your temporary hotel stay here:

    Quality Inn
    751 Christina Street North, Sarnia, ON, N7V 1X5
    Call 519-344-1157 to book this hotel.
    1716 London Line, Sarnia, ON, N7T 7H2
    Call 519-541-9400 to book this hotel.
    Days Inn
    505 Harbour Road, Sarnia, ON, N7T 5R8
    Call 519-337-5434 to book this hotel.
    Super 8
    420 Christina Street North, Sarnia, ON, N7T 5W1
    Call 519-337-3767 to book this hotel.
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    Happipad - Room Rentals

    New students arriving in Canada between December 19 and January 27, 2023 are entitled to a reimbursement of up to $300 if they choose to stay one month in a homestay coordinated by Happipad. Submit your Happipad receipt to international@lambtoncollege.ca after you complete your homestay. The $300 will be credited to your college account and applied to your future term.

    Happipad provides a unique housing solution that matches students with compatible homeowners in the area. Through a shared living experience, students can find a home away from home that they will love to live in!

    Create a profile to be matched with a host here:

  • Long-Term Housing Options

    Sarnia has a variety of off campus rental options including single homes and apartments. Students wishing to live off-campus should research vacancy availability and consider having roommates to help ease the costs associated with housing. It is also quite common for students to sign at least a one-year lease. 

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    Royal Wellington Lofts

    Royal Wellington Lofts is a third-party rental property located 1 kilometer from Sarnia’s waterfront and connected to Lambton College via public transit. It features dormitory-style living with furnished rental units, recreation spaces, on-site coin laundry, a cafeteria and meal plan for residents. Visit their website for more information.

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    On-Campus Residence:

    The residence is located on campus and it is a five-minute walk from classes. It is also centrally located and close to retail outlets, restaurants, movie theatres, grocery stores and public transit. Accommodations are shared double rooms and each room has its own washroom. For more information visit About Residence.

    Student having dinner at a homestay

    Not Sure Which Option to Choose?

    Lambton College is here to support you in finding permanent accommodation. For assistance or to join our Telegram chat group, please contact:

    Rob Tuer
    SAC Housing Support Coordinator

  • Off-Campus Housing with Work Opportunity

    Begin your studies with affordable accommodation and a high paying part-time job by living and working at Vision Nursing home in Sarnia. In partnership with Vision Nursing Home, Lambton College offers students a unique opportunity to gain industry-relevant employment experience in our community. Vision Nursing Home is looking for personal support workers, resident support aides.

    Interested students must hold a Nursing degree from their home country.

    Contact housing@lambtoncollege.ca and learn more about how you can apply for this unique opportunity.

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  • Rental Scam Alert

    Rental scams are real, so we caution our students to make informed decisions when they decide to rent. How to Protect Yourself from Rental Scams:

    1. Never deal in cash.

      Never pay with cash, or hard-to-trace equivalents such as Bitcoin because it is impossible to track.

    2. Never rent without seeing the property.

      Visit in person or have someone you trust see the rental property before signing a lease or making a payment.

    3. Speak to current tenants.

      Currently occupied units are far less likely to be fraudulent.

    4. Demand a written lease.

      A written lease, that includes the name of the landlord, helps prevent fraud and outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

    5. Be careful of “too-good-to be-true” rental rates.

      Do basic research on current rental prices in the area.

    For more details on how to protect yourself from rental scams, read this article or watch the video below.

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