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Online Registration & Orientation

  • Complete Registration & Orientation in 5 Easy Steps

    The online registration for Winter 2021 is now closed.

    1. Complete the Pre-Arrival Online Orientation and download your certificate of completion - between November 6 and January 15
    2. Upload required documents at Cestar Database - the Cestar database is now closed.

      Required documents include:

      • Passport with biometric information (photo, name, passport number)
      • Lambton College Offer Letter for Winter 2021
      • Study Permit Approval letter, Approval-in-Principle, Study Permit Application or Study Permit
      • Work Permit (if applicable)
      • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) sticker in passport (if applicable)
      • Lambton College fee receipt which includes a fee receipt number (not Flywire or Western Union receipts)
      • Pre-Arrival Orientation Certificate
      • Digital, clear photo for student ID (35 mm x 45 mm) with white background
      • Personal email address

      Please upload your documents early to avoid delays. Once your registration documents have been verified and approved, you will receive an email confirmation from Cestar to your personal email address. You will be provided with a link in the email to complete the check-in. Once that is completed, you will receive two emails from Lambton College for your mylambton credentials to your personal email address. If you do not complete the check-in you will not receive your mylambton credentials. You can also email orientationinfo@cestarcollege.com for any questions. Please feel free to message us in our virtual online chat support in the WhatsApp groups listed at the top of this page. 

      Please Note: You cannot be registered if you are missing any of the documents listed. You may need to contact your agent directly for some of the documents.

    3. Complete Online Orientation Info Sessions at Moodle - these sessions are now closed.
    4. Take the short online Orientation Test at Moodle - the online orientation is now closed.

      Please allow 1-2 business days for your account to be activated after receiving a passing mark for the short online test.

    5. Register on your program date and choose your group schedule for the term from the Cestar Database.

      Steps 1 through 4 must be completed prior to moving to Step 5.

      Program registration and group selection opens at 10 a.m. (EST - Toronto time) on each of the following days for Toronto-specific programs

      Thursday, January 7
      Advanced Healthcare Leadership (AHCT)
      Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIMT)
      Business (BSNT)
      Business Management (BMAT)
      Business Management - Human Resources (BMHT)
      Cloud Computing for Big Data (CCBT)
      Computer Programmer (CPCT)
      Friday, January 8
      Chemical Laboratory Analysis (LAQT)
      Computer Software & Database Development (CSAT)
      Construction Project Management (CPMT)
      English as a Second Language (ESLT)
      Financial Planning & Wealth Management (FPWT)
      Mobile Application Design & Development (MADT)
      Saturday, January 9
      Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership (PMLT)
      Marketing Management - Digital Media (MMDT)
      Marketing Management & Professional Sales (MMPT)
      Occupational Health & Safety Management (OHST)
      Quality Engineering Management (QEMT)
      Supply Chain Management (SCMT)

      Students with questions about program registration should email - orientationinfo@cestarcollege.com

    Quarantine Package

    The requirement to purchase of a mandatory quarantine package applies ONLY if you are planning to travel to Canada.

    All students travelling to Canada for the Winter 2021 term MUST purchase a quarantine package. Check the IRCC website for updates.

    If you have questions about the mandatory quarantine package, please email quarantine@cestarcollege.com.

    That's it. Welcome to Lambton College in Toronto! Your first day of classes is January 18. We are excited to have you.

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