Student-Centered Hybrid Learning Advantage

  • Traditional college and university student timetables aren’t structured to optimize your time – they are structured to optimize the institution’s time. Student-Centered Hybrid Learning is about creating a more efficient class schedule for dedicated post graduate students.

    Some important attributes of the Student-Centered Hybrid Learning scheduling model include:

    • 3 in-class intensive study days per week (students are required to attend between 5 – 7 hours of instruction per day). The traditional post-secondary model often schedules several hours of instruction per day across five days of the week with frequent breaks throughout the day in an uneven pattern leading to excessive periods of idleness, commuting time and inefficiencies for the student. The Student Centered Hybrid Learning Advantage is designed with the belief that a post-graduate student’s time is valuable and should not be wasted.
    • Courses are taught in a hybrid format with approximately 85% of the course objectives taught in class (on campus) and the remainder of the course objectives taught online through video lectures, discussion groups and interactive exercises.
    • Course schedules may include weekday evening and/or Saturday classes. Student should be prepared to attend all classes as scheduled.
    • Small differences and/or variations in the class scheduling model described above may occur between programs and/or courses. For example, students may occasionally be required or invited to attend workshops, conferences, job fairs, field trips or additional academic activities beyond the standard three-day class schedule.

    With this weekly schedule, students enjoy several benefits:

    • Less time commuting on public transit
    • More time to complete homework, projects and assignments
    • More time to volunteer, integrate and contribute to the community
    • More time to expand personal and professional networks/contacts
    • Increased availability for part time work opportunities

    The Student-Centered Hybrid Learning Advantage requires students to possess a high level of self-discipline and time management skills and is only suitable for students who are committed to attending and participating regularly in all classes.

    Please review the technology requirements for Student Centered Hybrid Learning programs. Textbook purchases are mandatory for most programs as well.

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