Customer Service Training: Critical Elements of Customer Service

  • Description

    Time is money - or so the saying goes - and lots of time and money is lost in disorganization and disruption. In the one-day course, participants will learn how to make the most of their time by getting a grip on their office space, organizing their workflow, learning how to use their planner efficiently and delegating some of their work to other people.

    This one-day course will help participants:

    • Better organize themselves and their workspace for peak efficiency
    • Understand the importance of and the most useful techniques for setting and achieving goals
    • Identify key tasks and plan for those specific tasks
    • Learn when and how to delegate
    • Take control of things that can derail workplace productivity


    • Length: 1 day
    • Prerequisites: n/a
    • Cost: $300 plus HST/participant
    • Dates:
      • TBD
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