• “Crime is front page news but what about the victims? The Victimology program prepares students to support, empower and advocate for victims of trauma and crime. This exciting program is self-paced and will appeal to students who are interested in complementing their current education with a specialization in victim services through an online format when learning occurs at the student’s convenience. The Victimology program is aimed at individuals who are empathetic to the needs of victims of crime and are passionate about social justice and the long-term benefits of supporting individuals when they are at their most vulnerable. Graduates can empower these community members to successfully move from victim to survivor and can change the trajectory of their futures.”

    Kelly Wilson, Capstone Project Coordinator, Victimology program

    Kelly Wilson

    “Lambton College's Perioperative Graduate Certificate Nursing Program introduces nurses to the knowledge, implementation and application of ORNAC standards of practice in preoperative clinical settings. Successful completion of the program's online modules are followed by independent arrangement of 210 hours of hands-on clinical placement in the operating room emphasizing the development of competencies from a beginner to a novice perioperative nurse in the scrub and circulation nurse roles. Operating room nurses are unique in that they advocate for the patient and the patient’s family by providing the continuity of care using scientific and behavioural practices during surgical intervention.”

    Simone Beaulieu – Part-Time Instructor & Field Faculty Coordinator, Registered Nurse - Perioperative program and Registered Practical Nurse - Perioperative program

    Simone Beaulieu

    “My study towards achieving the Board of Governors Certificate in Community Advocacy has significantly empowered me by providing me with very useful skills for everyday life. The knowledge I have gained regarding current acts and legislation, the navigation of bureaucratic systems, and application and appeals processes, has been utilized on a number of occasions and will continue to benefit me in both my personal and professional life. Of special value to me is the electronic resource kit that students are encouraged to start with the very first course. This is an invaluable tool that enables the community advocate to quickly and easily find the most current information whenever needed. I am now looking forward to continuing my studies towards the Advanced Certificate in Community Advocacy!”

    Carole Mitro – Student, Community Advocacy program

    Carole Mitro

    "Healthcare professions offer rewarding careers in various settings. While employed in the healthcare sector for over 30 years, I have often observed capable and competent clerical support in the medical office, and recognize the importance of the skills and talents of these front-line workers as they help assuage the patients’ anxieties. The Medical Clerk program is ideal for compassionate individuals who wish to use effective communication and employ accomplished organizational skills to enhance efficiency in a medical office”.

    Katherine Bebee, Part-Time Instructor, Medical Clerk Program

    Katherine Bebbe

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