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    Who can participate in a co-op?
    Only students who are registered in a co-op program can participate in co-op opportunities. See our corporate website for a full listing of co-op programs available at Lambton College.
    What are the benefits of being in a co-op program?
    There are many benefits to being a co-op student. The most important being the hands-on, related experience you gain during your co-op term. The experience you gain may help you secure a full-time job after graduation and help you develop contacts in your profession.
    Co-op is also a great opportunity to explore your career options. Each co-op position will help to confirm you have chosen the right profession or give you the opportunity to explore a variety of opportunities.
    Is there a tax credit or a hiring incentive available to employers?
    Hiring incentives are available to co-op employers. Visit the Hiring Incentives section for employers.
    Why should I do a co-op if I have to conduct my own job search?
    All students are required to use their job search skills to proactively secure co-op opportunities. An approved co-op position must provide work in the student’s field of study and comply with the requirements of co-operative education.
    Should a student secure a co-op term on his/her own the electronic Work Term Record must be completed by the student and the employer and approved by the myCareer Centre prior to the start of the work term.
    Current students can find their electronic Work Term Record by logging on the myCareer System.

    Questions for Co-op Students

    What can I do to increase my chances of securing a co-op placement?
    Ensure that you understand the eligibility criteria for co-op
    Review and abide by the Co-operative Education and Internships Policy (2000-8-1)
    Attend ALL workshops and information sessions provided to you by your program specific co-op advisor
    Check your Lambton College student email frequently for important information
    Be prepared, develop professional marketing material to sell yourself (cover letter, résumé, interview skills)
    Engage in an active job search the term before co-op, apply for positions posted through the online job posting system and conduct an independent job search by using personal initiatives and networks
    Ask questions, if you are unsure about something or need clarification, speak to your advisor
    How do I know if I am eligible for co-op?
    Current students can find eligibility details through their mylambton profile. Please visit the mylambton.ca login page for further details
    How can I ensure success as a co-op student?
    On top of attending all workshops, checking email regularly, meeting all deadlines and actively participating in the process students should also do the following to ensure they're successful:
    • Focus on the experience that can be gained from each and every position
    • Be as open as possible to each type of position and location
    • Have a positive, open flow of communication with your co-op advisor
    When do I go on co-op and for how long?
    The time and length of co-op is dependent on the program in which you are registered.
    Each program has varying co-op terms and different hours requirements. Please refer to your program map under your specific school area and for further information speak to your co-op advisor.
    Graduate certificate programs may have a co-op work term at the end of the program. Students must complete all requirements of the co-op work term in order to receive a Lambton College credential.
    Can I change the sequence of my work and academic terms?
    Co-op students are expected to follow the sequence outlined for their program of study. Speak to your co-op advisor should you have further questions regarding this.
    Will I be placed in a co-op position?
    Students are not placed or matched with an employer. Along with the assistance and guidance from their co-op advisors students are responsible to conduct their job search and compete for available co-op positions.
    • Co-op jobs are posted and co-op students are responsible for applying and submitting their résumé to jobs that are of interest
    • Résumés of eligible students are sent to co-op employers and the employers select the students they wish to interview
    • Employers conduct the interviews and make their selection as to whom they will extend an offer
    • The offer is presented to the student and the student can accept or decline
    • Once a student accepts a position they are no longer permitted to apply and interview for available positions
    • Students are also encouraged to seek and apply for outside positions related to their field and network with any contacts they may have
    Will I be guaranteed a co-op position?
    The myCareer Centre offers no guarantees of a co-op position for students in co-op programs.
    The myCareer Centre develops and posts co-op opportunities for co-op students and they are expected to apply and compete for these postings. The employer makes the final selection.
    The success of students is directly related to several variables, including:
    • the motivation and qualifications of individual students
    • job search efforts
    • economic climate and other factors
    Because of these variable co-op positions cannot be guaranteed.
    Can I apply to as many co-op positions as I want?
    Students may apply for as many co-op positions as they wish, but submission of an application (résumé, cover letter, etc.) indicates serious interest in the position.
    Students are expected to further research employers who have invited them for an interview. Students are required to attend all interviews to which they are invited, unless a co-op has already been accepted.
    An interview schedule will be posted on the myCareer System to inform students of scheduled job interviews or an email will be sent to your college email address. Students are required to check the myCareer System and their college email daily and are asked to immediately confirm their attendance with the Co-op & Career Services Centre.
    Students who do not confirm will not be interviewed. Failure to attend an interview or inform the Co-op & Career Services Centre in advance may result in withdrawal of further assistance by the Co-op & Career Services Centre.
    If a student has concerns following an interview they are required to contact their co-op advisor immediately, otherwise it is expected that the students will accept any offer of co-op employment.
    How do I apply to co-op positions posted through the online job posting system?
    Current students can find specific instructions on how to apply to co-op positions through the Co-op & Internships tab in their mylambton.ca profile.
    Can I accept a job offer and then decline it later for another job offer later?
    No, once you have accepted a job offer verbally or in writing, you are committed to the employer with whom you've accepted the offer.
    One of the reasons employers hire from co-op programs is the security of getting the student they've chosen for the position. Once you have submitted your online electronic Work Term Record, pursuing and accepting other offers of employment could result in a failing grade.
    Will I have to move to do my co-op?
    Students are expected to consider out-of-town opportunities with the possibility of relocation or commuting in order to increase their co-op prospects.
    The Co-op & Career Services Centre develops relationships with employers and organizations locally as well as in numerous communities throughout Ontario and across Canada. These employers expect that Lambton College students will apply to and accept the co-op opportunities advertised through the myCareer System.
    Co-op students will also be expected to conduct research into various other communities to learn more about valuable opportunities that exist outside of their home or school area.
    Can I do a co-op outside of the province or country?
    Yes you can complete a co-op outside the province or country but you are responsible for any additional documentation that may be required (visa, work permit, insurance coverage, etc).
    Can I work for a relative to complete my co-op?
    In order to avoid conflicts of interest students are not encouraged to complete a work term in a business owned and/or operated by a relative. Each situation of this type must be discussed with and approved by your co-op advisor.
    Am I responsible for my transportation and accommodations during my co-op work term?
    Yes, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange for transportation to and from the job. Living accommodations are also the student’s responsibility. We encourage students to research transportation and accommodation options before applying to positions to ensure they are capable of covering these costs before applying to a position.
    Do I need a criminal records check or a security clearance to apply for co-op positions?
    Many employers require their employees to complete employment pre-screening assessments including criminal records checks and security clearances.
    Co-op students are required to conduct their own independent research into their chosen field to determine mandatory pre-screening requirements prior to entering the co-op program. Each individual employer will identify their own requirements and students are expected to fulfill the request of the employer as part of the recruitment process.
    Will my co-op term be paid?
    Students are expected to be flexible concerning co-op wages and should approach the work term as a learning experience and an opportunity for growth, rather than looking at it solely as an opportunity for financial gain.
    Approved co-op positions and co-op work terms can be paid or unpaid, commission based, or otherwise. This depends on employers' preferences, the career field and on the job market supply and demand conditions which exist.
    If I complete an unpaid co-op work term, who will provide workplace insurance for me?
    When you are completing your internship or co-op and not receiving pay from the employer the college will provide workplace insurance for you in the event that you are injured on the job.
    Please contact your co-op advisor for further details regarding this process.
    Will I still be able to opt into the student insurance plan during my co-op work term?
    Yes, if you opted into the insurance plan in September your insurance coverage will be in place.
    In the event that your co-op term begins in September, please ensure that you let the college know you wish to opt-in before the opt-out/in date. You will not be opted-in automatically.
    Current students can review the Health & Dental Insurance information through their mylambton.ca profile.
    Why do I pay a co-op fee?
    There are additional costs associated with running a program that includes co-op. Students in a co-op program are assessed a fee to cover the cost of co-op related activities and services offered by the Co-op & Career Services Centre.
    The Co-op & Career Services staff manages the co-op employment process including:
    • Preparing students for work terms
    • Providing job search training and career advising
    • Providing résumé preparation advising
    • Maintaining employer relationships
    • Developing co-op opportunities
    • Organizing and scheduling interviews
    • Monitoring co-op student work terms through online modules completed by students
    • Validating and issuing co-op credits
    • Maintaining co-op student and employer records related to the co-op process
    Do I pay a co-op fee if I find my own job?
    The financial model used by the co-op program is similar to other arrangements where there is a fee (e.g. health coverage, club memberships, some insurance.)
    Students pay for the availability of the service regardless of the amount of service consumed. Students who find their own job are still using services provided by the Co-op & Career Services to track and monitor their work terms.
    Can I receive a refund of the co-op fee if I do not participate in co-op?
    No. Paying a co-op fee does not guarantee a co-op position, just as paying a course fee does not guarantee that you will pass the course.
    Co-op success is tied directly to the amount of work you put into it. When students don't secure a co-op position, in almost all cases it is because the student did not apply to all of the opportunities that were posted or because the student was not competitive in the job market.
    The myCareer Centre cannot control either of these factors and the cost of running the program and the services offered doesn’t change because a student doesn't secure a co-op position.
    How am I graded for co-op?
    Students will be assigned a P - passing grade or an NP - failing grade for each work term.
    The credit earned will be based on whether or not the student successfully completes the following:
    • Adheres to the Co-op Policies and Procedures for Lambton College co-op students
    • Adheres to your employers Policies and Procedures
    • Submits the required documentation to register in co-op by the required dates
    • Successfully completes the required number of hours
    • Completes all required online modules
    • Submits electronic copies of required final documents to the appropriate co-op advisor by the assigned deadline date in D2L
    Can I fail my co-op placement?
    Yes, a student may be assigned an F grade on a co-op course for any of the following reasons:
    • Breaching the Co-op Policies and Procedures
    • Failure to report for work at the location specified by the employer
    • Ending a work term early prior to completion of the contract dates without permission from your co-op advisor and employer
    • Removal by the employer for cause (fired from your position)
    • Failure to submit required documents to your advisor and failure to complete your work term modules
    Can I retake my co-op?
    If a student fails his/her co-op and a retake is granted by the appropriate co-op advisor, the student will be required to pay the original co-op program fees to be registered in the co-op work term.
    What do I do if I am experiencing problems during my co-op work term (e.g. treated poorly by employer, unsafe work environment, work unrelated to my field, not enough hours, etc.)?
    If students are experiencing any problems or have any questions during their work terms they should contact their co-op advisor immediately.
    If they are unavailable please ask to speak to another co-op advisor to assist in handling your situation.
    Lambton College wants to ensure the quality of work and the safety of students during their co-op work terms.
    What do I do if I am fired or resign from my co-op placement?
    If a student is fired from his/her work place during the work term he/she must inform the co-op advisor immediately; a failing grade may result.
    Additionally, students who quit their work terms regardless of the reason without first consulting their co-op advisor will receive a failing grade. Any work term concerns must be immediately communicated to your co-op advisor.
    What do I do if I get hurt on the job?
    If you get hurt on the job you are required to immediately report the injury to your supervisor/employer as well as to Co-op & Career Services.
    Additionally, if you acquire an injury or illness during your work term that may affect your ability to fulfill the work term requirements you must contact your co-op advisor immediately to inform them.
    Who do I contact if I have additional questions about my work term or co-op program?
    Each co-op program is assigned to a co-op advisor, please refer to the Co-op Program Contacts list if you are unsure who your program reports to.
    Your advisor is assigned to you to help you prepare for your work term and they are also available throughout your work term to answer any questions you may have. It is very important to keep in touch with them throughout your participation in the program to increase your chances of success.

    Questions for International Co-op Students

    I am an international student, what type of work permit do I need for co-op?
    Current International students can find the most up to date information on work permits through their mylambton profile. Please visit the mylambton.ca login page for further details.
    I am an international student, do I have to purchase medical insurance through GuardMe during my work term?
    Yes, if you are an international student studying at Lambton College you are required to purchase medical insurance through GuardMe each academic term and your co-op term is considered an academic term. Your GuardMe insurance will provide you with medical insurance and the college will provide you with workplace insurance.
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