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    Thank you for your interest in considering Lambton College co-op students. Your support is appreciated and our team is available to assist you throughout the entire process. Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions to determine if hiring a co-op student is right for your business.

    Are there any fees associated with hiring a co-op student or using your services?
    Absolutely not! Our services are 100% free for employers wishing to hire students or graduates. Any wage provided to the student is an agreement between the employer and student and employers are expected to follow the Employment Standards Act with regards to payroll deductions. Lambton College does not receive a portion of the student’s wage at any time.
    How do I recruit a co-op student?
    Recruiting a co-op student is very easy. Our Job Developer will work with you to post your opportunity on our career portal where eligible students from relevant programs can view and apply to your posting(s). Once you have your applicants, you will have the opportunity to screen/interview the candidates to ensure you have selected the right fit. As the employer, you determine which student you would like to hire.
    What if I know which student I would like to hire? Am I required to go through the recruitment process?
    In some cases, employers might already be connected to a student through a personal connection or the result of networking. In this situation, the employer would not be required to post the co-op opportunity and interview candidates. You may want to consider posting to determine if there are other students you would like to hire, however this is not mandatory. If not, you may simply offer the position to the student you are connected to. This can be done either verbally or through written communication.

    Once you have offered a position to a co-op student, the student will have 24 business hours to accept or decline the position, either verbally or in writing. Once the student has accepted your offer, the student is required to complete their Work Term Record through our mycareer system and our Job Developer may contact you to verify the details the student has provided.
    How long is the average co-op term?
    In most cases, the co-op term is four months in length. During this time, students are required to work a minimum of 420 hours. Throughout the co-op term, students are expected to gain industry-related experience that will contribute to their rich learning experience at Lambton College. Co-op students have a unique opportunity to submerse themselves in their chosen profession and use their education to contribute to your business. For some, this might include taking on different responsibilities, working various schedules, or participating in various industry training opportunities to better prepare themselves for a career in your industry.

    Note: For some programs, the co-op term may differ from the standard requirements. In these cases a team member will share information to ensure a successful co-op term for everyone involved.
    When does the co-op term start and end?
    Lambton College has three co-op terms throughout the year. Available programs will vary based on the co-op term.
    • Winter (January-April)
    • Summer (May-August)
    • Fall (September-December)
    Am I required to pay my co-op student?
    While this is not mandatory, employers are encouraged to pay their co-op students a fair wage where possible. Being a student is expensive, and as a contributing member to your workforce, students appreciate receiving compensation for their contributions. With that being said, we recognize the value of the learning experience and do not simply decline co- op opportunities just because they are unpaid.

    Unpaid co-op opportunities will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our Job Developer will work with you to discuss your options and obligations as an employer, and help determine if a good student is the right fit for your business.
    Are there any hiring incentives or wage subsidies for employers who hire co-op students?
    Yes! Eligible employers may qualify for a wage subsidy or government tax incentive. For more information, click here!
    What are my obligations once I hire a co-op student?
    The co-op term is designed to mimic onboarding a new hire. During this exciting time, students will receive relevant company-specific training, meet your team, and familiarize themselves with their new work environment. Throughout the co-op term, the student and supervisor are expected to meet a minimum of 3 times to evaluate the student’s progress. The student will provide formal documentation that will allow you to assess their skills, strengths/weaknesses, and share opportunities for improvement. These assessments are designed to help students reflect on their abilities and address areas of improvement early in their careers.
    What happens if I come across any student issues during the co-op term?
    Student issues are very rare, but are taken very seriously. If you do have any questions or concerns about your student, please contact our Job Developer as soon as possible. We will work with you to immediately address your concerns and/or rectify any outstanding issues to help get you and your student back on track.
    Are there any accommodations for employers during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Lambton College is committed to ensuring a safe and positive work experience for everyone involved. Accommodations will be discussed with employers on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss possible accommodations, please feel free to contact our Job Developer at your earliest convenience. Possible accommodations may include adjusting start/end dates, hour requirements, and locations. The COVID-19 federal and provincial guidelines are changing on an ongoing basis and our team will be making accommodations as needed to reflect the current state of the community around us.
    Who do I contact if I have additional questions or would like to recruit a co-op student?
    Our Job Developer is available to connect with you at your earliest convenience. Interested employers are invited to by email at hirelambton@lambtoncollege.ca

    Thank you for your interest in considering co-op students from Lambton College. We look forward to working with you to help you find your next great team member!

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