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    Co-op & Career Services

Finding Co-op Students

  • Co-op & Career Services plays an active role in assisting co-op employers with a number of recruitment strategies, including:

    1. Determining Your Needs - employers can work directly with our job developer to discuss hiring needs, learn about our various co-op programs, and discuss your options to ensure your hiring needs are met.
    2. Preparing Job Descriptions - our job developer can guide you through the job posting process. This includes determining programs of interest, position requirements, and ensuring all job posting details are included, such as application method, posting deadline, and any information that will help you find the best candidate for your position.
    3. Approving and Posting Positions - all co-op and career postings will be reviewed by our job developer prior to approval. This process is to ensure that all required information is provided, postings meet our co-op policies, and all relevant and desired programs are included to attract top talent to your postings.

    If you have any questions about our aproval process or would like to speak to our job developer regarding assistance with job postings, please contact Job Developers.

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