• If you are a contractor wishing to work for Lambton College, the following must be completed and submitted:

    Step 1

    This document outlines contractor terms and conditions and rules that must be followed by all contractors while on site. 

    Step 2

    • Complete and Submit the Prequalification Application
    • Upload supporting documents (e.g. copy of current WSIB Clearance Certificate, proof of liability insurance)

    Once the application has been submitted, it will be evaluated and references will be contacted.

    Contractors will receive notification whether they have met the minimum qualifications or not. This process may take some time.

    Step 3

    Do not begin this step until you have received notice from Kelly Hirlehey.

    • Contact Facilities Management for Contractor Safety Orientation (519-542-7751 x 3204)
    • Each person who will be working on college property will be required to take this training
    • Complete the short test at the end
    • Print off a certificate of completion when you have successfully completed the test

    Step 4

    Upon arrival to the college to start contract work

    • Sign in at Facilities Management in Room B0-152 at the main building
    • Receive your Contractor ID Badge - this must be worn when working on college property
    • Present your printed certificate to Facilities Management
    • Obtain any keys and permits - these are issued by Facilities Management

    Please Note: If you are contracted for work at either the Fire School or the Community Employment Services, please sign in at the reception desk at the applicable building.


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