• Success isn’t just about top grades, but it is also about physical and emotional well being

    At Lambton College, we understand that success isn’t just about top grades, but it is also about physical and emotional well being. Our students have access to on-site counsellors and health professionals, and we also offer a number of outreach programs that provide students with the necessary coping strategies as well as support groups to make the transition to College life an easier one.

  • Counselling Services

    Personal/Mental Health Counselling

    Is available to all full-time students by appointment. Four on-staff counsellors assist students with any personal issues they may encounter while at school.

    Academic & Career Counselling

    Is available to all prospective, full and part-time students and allows students the opportunity to find out how they can change their mind without starting over. Our counsellors can help align students with a career field that truly suits their future aspirations as well as their personal passions.

    Psychoeducation, Group Counselling, Staff/Faculty Consultation

    Is available via appointment request. Email counselling@lambtoncollege.ca for more information.

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    • Health & Wellness Centre

      Our Health & Wellness Centre include a full-time registered nurse who is available and students can also make appointments with two nurse practitioners who visit the college weekly.

    • Student Life

      Aside from student services that focus on maintaining a healthy mind and body, Lambton students have access to student groups and outreach programs designed to provide them with strategies to transition to college life and take on challenging experiences.

    • Contact Us

      For more information, contact counselling@lambtoncollege.ca.

    • Student Success Navigators

      Lambton College provides all students with a dedicated Student Success Navigator who can assist with various college processes, such as accessing online platforms, connecting with on-campus services, and providing connections to community resources to ensure students' success.

      To contact a Student Success Navigator, visit mylambton.ca. For general inquiries please email: student.success@lambtoncollege.ca.

  • Lambton College is proud to provide many free services to students to support their mental health and well being. Explore the resources available and find out what is right for you.

    If you are a student looking for a connection:
    Let’s Face It Peer to Peer Support A2-127
    Student Administrative Counsel Clubs & Activities B1-201
    If you are looking for support:
    Counselling (Academic, Personal, Career) B1-240
    Wellness Centre (Campus Nurse) B1-240
    If you are looking for a designated support that serves a specific population, check out:
    Accessibility Centre B1-130
    International Education Centre B1-205
    Indigenous Student Centre C1-130

    Learn more about the mental health supports available to you by logging into your myLambton account.