• COVID-19 Safety Measures in Residence

    Lambton College residence will continue to operate under the direction and suggestions of Lambton Public Health and continue with the same safety measures and protocol that have been carried out through the provincial wide lockdown. This includes:

    • mandatory masks within the building;
    • no guest policy;
    • single occupancy;
    • physical distancing;
    • closed common spaces; and
    • enhanced cleaning protocol to ensure the health and safety of our students.

    The college will continue to run our cafeteria and food services operations to provide all students access to meal and snacks while utilizing their meal plan dollars.

    As it stands, the effects of the lockdown on our college operations are minimal. We will continue to follow all provisions and regulations as set out by the government, as well as our own risk mitigation measures, which include increased cleaning protocol, campus screening, sanitizing, social distancing and mandatory masking as set out on our COVID Safety Protocols page.

    If you have any question please contact the Residence Front Desk staff - See our contact page

    Are residence tours available?
    Residence would be happy to have you visit for a tour of suites and facilities. Please contact 519-541-2403 to set up a tour of residence or come to one of our Open Houses - see the calendar.
    What are the important dates to keep in mind when applying for residence?
    For the important dates, please see the Fee Dates on the Fees pages.
    What happens on move in day?
    On Labour Day, we have residence volunteers available from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. to help answer questions, address concerns and show students to their rooms. For a Move-in Checklist, visit the welcome page.
    Is there visitor parking?
    There are a number of paid parking spots available at the residence building. Please see the parking page for more information.
    How do I get an income tax receipt?
    Residence fees cannot be claimed on income tax returns. The only claim that is allowed is $25 for the year as per the Ontario government.
    What if my son or daughter plans to use OSAP to pay for residence?
    We do not accept deferrals for residence fees or meal plan payments. We suggest that all students review the residence rates and payment deadlines and take them into consideration before applying to residence. Failure to meet the payment deadlines will result in the student forfeiting his/her bed in residence.
    My son or daughter is only 17, are the rules different for students under 18?
    All of the rules and regulations outlined in the residence agreement and residence handbook will apply to all students, regardless of age.
    How are roommate conflicts handled?
    If any of our residents are having challenges or concerns in residence, they are encouraged to speak to one of the residence staff members. Our staff are fully trained to deal with any issue that may arise and will work to help every resident in any way they can.
    Can a student be evicted from residence if he/she does not do well academically?
    A resident must be registered as a full-time student in order to remain eligible to live in residence. Should a student be unsuccessful in completing a term at Lambton College, he/she will be required to leave residence as well.
    Who do I contact if I am concerned about the well being of my son or daughter in residence?
    If you have concerns about your student's safety or health, please call and speak to any Residence Front Desk Staff at 519-542-7741 or email info@lambtonresidence.ca.
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