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  • A mandatory meal plan for all students living in Residence will be added to your fees. This will include $2800.00 worth of meal plan dollars ($1400.00 per term). 

    • Meal Plan dollars have a Tax free status.
    • If you would like to increase the amount of your meal plan at any time please contact the Chartwells management at 519-542-7751 x 3664 or 3483. Or visit them in the lower cafeteria office
    • Any remaining meal plan that are unused at the end of the Fall term will automatically roll over and be added to your Winter term amount.
    • Any unused meal plan dollars left at the end of your Winter term will be forfeited. 
    • There are NO refunds for unused funds at the end of the Winter Term.

    Meal Plans are mandatory for students living in residence and are included with your residences fees
    Residents are offered a selection from a well balanced menu in any of the college cafeterias Monday to Friday. Meals covered by the meal plan include:

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Monday to Thursday
    Breakfast & Lunch
  • Meal Plan Calculator

    Calculate how big of a meal plan you'll need

    How to use the Calculator

    Use the table below to estimate how much you'd be spending each month on food.

    Decide how many days a week you'd purchase the individual food items and then add your totals up. Each dollar amount represents the cost of that food item X the number of days each week you'd purchase that item X the number of weeks in a term.

    For example, if you buy coffee every day but only eat breakfast three days a week, select the 7 Days amount for coffee and the 3 Days amount for the Big Breakfast Combo.

    Meal Plan Calculator

    Meal Plan Calculator
     Item7 Days6 Days5 Days4 Days3 Days 2 Days
    Coffee & Muffin $326$279$233$186$140$93
    Big Breakfast Combo $593$508$423$339$254$169
    Lite Breakfast $391$335$279$223$168$112
    Lunch Special$783$671$559$447$336$224
    Pizza Slice$436$374$311$249$187$125
    Dinner Special$1,007$863$719$575$432$288
  • Food Service Locations and Hours

    Tim Hortons – Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

    Marketplace Cafe- Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.

  • Policies & Usage

    Expiry Policy

    Your term plan includes tax exempt dining dollars that expire at the end of each term (Fall Term - Dec 31; Winter Term - May 1).

    Rollover Policy

    Fall term dining dollars can be rolled over to winter term only with the purchase of a tax exempt plan for second term.

    Refund Policy

    No refunds will be given on the tax exempt dining plan unless a student officially withdraws from Lambton College. In the case of an official withdrawal, a refund will be given on the unused portion of the dining plan with proof of withdrawal. All refunds are subject to a $75 cancellation fee.

    Students who move out of residence but remain Lambton College students and who still have an unused portion of their dining plan will have the value left on their plan converted to a taxable swipe and save card.

    Using your Dining Plan

    Select your meal, present your card to the cashier in the food service areas listed below, before any items are rung in. The cashier will verify that your card is valid. All meals and beverage items will be tax exempt. These dollars are not accepted in vending machines or convenience stores. Dining plans are single user and only the person that is registered to each plan can use it and is required to show picture identification to verify.

    Additional Amounts added to your plan

    After purchasing a plan you may increase the value of your plan by any increment. You can do that at the Main Cafeteria via debit, cash or credit card, or online on DineOnCampus.ca. The expiry date of the dining plan will remain the same from the date of the original plan agreement and can only be amended if agreed upon and a new agreement is signed (contact Food Service Manager Michael Barron for details).

    Lost or Stolen Cards

    If you lose your meal plan card please report it immediately to the Food Service Manager. We will disable the card and set you up with a new one (replacement fee for card is $5). Neither the College nor Chartwells is responsible for any losses until the account is deactivated.


    Your balance is printed on the receipt but can also be obtained at any time by asking the cashier.

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