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Info for Parents

  • Lambton College residences supports student success by promoting a safe and accepting environment that fosters personal and academic development. In residence we:

    • Provide intentional programming that focuses on community development, healthy living, personal identity and diversity, and intellectual experiences
    • Surround residents with residence staff who are knowledgeable and committed to their success
    • Collaborate with campus and community partners to ensure our residents receive the support they need to succeed
    • Nurture a sense of personal responsibility and accountability through the application of our residence community standards

    To achieve our goals, we all must work together as members of the community to make residence a positive and supportive experience.

    The residence community is comprised of residents, staff, parents, guests and anyone else who contributes to the residence. All community members that come into the residence environment should know that the standards or rules must exist to ensure enjoyment and a positive experience for all members of our large, diverse community.

    Navigating the delicate balance between supporting your student and allowing them the freedom to develop crucial decision making skills can be challenging. We are committed to providing the support and resources to help you and your student during this transition.


    For many students the experiences of living in residence will be the first time they will be on their own. If any of our residents are having challenges or concerns in residence, please encourage them to speak to one of our residence staff members. Our staff are fully trained to deal with any issues that may arise and will work to help every resident in any way we can.

    Our Residence Advisors (R.A) are student staff who go through an extensive training program and are equipped to link our residents with whatever resources are needed, such as:

    • Health & Wellness
    • Mental Health Services
    • Counselling
    • Accessibility
    • Campus Security

    Residence Fees & OSAP

    Please be aware that we do not accept OSAP deferrals for residence fees or meal plan payments.

    Residence does not provide extensions to the payment deadlines for students waiting for OSAP. If you are unsure of whether you will be able to meet the deadlines outlined, we suggest looking into other funding options that may be available.

    Medical Concerns or Special Considerations

    When students are completing the acceptance process for residence it is important that they provide information about how residence staff can help them succeed in residence. Students requiring special accommodations in residence must also ensure they contact the Accessibility Centre.

    Privacy Laws

    Please be aware that privacy laws prohibit us from discussing a student's application, assignments or account status with a parent.

    We encourage students to contact us directly with any questions or concerns they may have regarding residence. By asking their own questions, they will begin to transition to independent living and feel more comfortable asking questions while living in residence.



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