Quick Facts

    1. The Residence Building is located on the northeast edge of campus with its own entrance off London Road.
    2. We strongly urge all students who are thinking about living in residence to read through the Residence Handbook. It contains information regarding life in residence, life with roommates, and how to succeed in residence while at Lambton.
    3. There are 140 shared rooms available with 2 beds (all beds are double extra long 54” x 80”), 2 desks with chairs and desk lights, and 2 armoires with shelving.
    4. Each room has a washroom shared by the two residents in that room.
    5. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, including the washrooms. Housekeeping will clean the washrooms once a month.
    6. Students must provide their own bedding, linens, towels, etc.
    7. TV cable is included but residents are responsible for bringing their own television sets.
    8. The College network is included. Residents must have wireless Ethernet network cards installed in computers prior to arriving at Lambton. This network does not allow for high bandwidth downloads. Students may purchase a high speed internet hook-up from Cogeco at their own expense.
    9. A mini fridge and microwave is provided in each room. There is a kitchen area available to the residents. No cooking appliances with an open flame or open burner are allowed in residence due to fire regulations. Residents must bring their own cooking utensils, pots, pans, etc.
    10. Barbeques and bike racks are available in the courtyard.
    11. Residents purchase a mandatory declining balance meal plan which they can use at any of the on campus outlets, including the snack bar in residence.
    12. Students are supplied with a laundry card to use in the laundry room in residence. Students may add value to the card at the recharge machine with a credit or debit card.
    13. Residence is smoke free. Students may smoke outside the building.
    14. Residence has controlled access beyond the front lobby area. All guests must be signed in.
    15. Sarnia Transit stops near the residence.
    16. Parking is available outside the residence. These spaces sell out quickly. If you need a car in Sarnia, apply early.
    17. Quiet hours are enforced daily to ensure a healthy balance between fun and academic pursuits.
    18. Residence is located on-campus beside the arena on campus. Residence is across the street from movie theatres, the Lambton Mall, and within easy walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and the various college facilities such as the library and gym.
    19. The Residence courtyard is an outdoor space that is surrounded by the Residence. Only residents and their guests can access this space making it a great place to relax and hang out.
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