Operating Engineering Practical Time - 3 Months

Operating Engineering Practical Time - 3 Months | OEPT-1003

This course will permit a student to obtain 3 months of work experience in a steam plant towards their 4th Class Operating Engineering certification.

Candidates for this course must:

  1. Be a graduate of the CPET, CPTN, CPEX, PETN, PTNX program at Lambton College.
  2. Locate their own employer that will provide an attestation that they can provide the qualifying time necessary.
  3. Contact College Advisor, Patti Helps at least 2 weeks prior to anticipated start date to begin the enrolment proceedings.
  4. Before being enrolled into the course, the OEPT-1003 Employment Agreement form (PDF) must be properly completed, signed by the Employer and Student and submitted by email to the College Advisor, Patti Helps for approval
  5. Pay course fee in full.
  6. Once the above has been completed, the College Advisor will contact the employer with the necessary insurance form to sign. This document must be signed and returned to College Advisor prior to the student starting work.

Only after all of the above criteria is met will the work place and liability insurance be activated.

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