Our Brand

Our Brand

At Lambton College, learning is personal, caring and connected to the knowledge, skills and strengths students, people, communities, and industries need to thrive.


Brand Values

Innovative - Lambton innovates.

For an institution of its size, Lambton is unparalleled in its applied research output, impact, and industry partnerships. Lambton’s research facilitates new solutions for community and industry partners. Close relationships with industry and business mean curriculum stays current and relevant.

Caring - Lambton cares.

Lambton puts people first to support personal, professional, and civic growth. The Lambton Way is personal, safe, supportive, and helpful.

Inclusive - Lambton is a place where people find genuine belonging.

Lambton is accessible and inclusive and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds. People know you at Lambton, creating a close-knit atmosphere. Learners of all types, no matter their age, nationality, ethnicity, or background are welcome and supported as members of the Lambton community. People from diverse backgrounds are empowered to use their unique talents, abilities, and mindsets to lead us forward.

Dynamic - Lambton is a catalyst for progress.

Lambton is a catalyst for positive change and a symbol of community progress. Lambton grads are leaders of, and contributors to, the social, cultural, and economic development of the region and the province.

Brand Guide

Our visual identity includes logos in both vertical and horizontal orientations. When using our logo, it is always preferable to use the coloured options when possible.

Please ensure all logos are used in compliance with our Brand Guide instructions.

A thumbnail mockup of the brand guide front cover.

Logo Downloads

An image of the Lambton College logo horizontal orientation.

Horizontal Orientation

An image of the Lambton College logo vertical orientation.

Vertical Orientation


Questions and other logo colour and file type requests should be directed to ourbrand@lambtoncollege.ca.