Parking Services

College Parking

Parking at Lambton College is enforced Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through License Plate Recognition Technology. Parking Services patrolled the parking lots to provide assistance, ensure safety, and to enforce the Parking Services (4000-4-2) policy.

Online Parking Services

Our online parking services allows you to:

  • Purchase parking permits or pay for daily parking
  • Pay or appeal tickets
  • Claim event parking permits

Purchase Parking & Pay Tickets

Alternative Transportation

Sarnia Transit

A public transit bus service is available for commuting within Sarnia. For frequent users, a semester pass is available to Lambton College students at a reduced cost. Visit the Sarnia Transit website.

Taxi & Ride Share Services

Students can travel within Sarnia by booking a taxi or by using a ride share app. The following services are available in the Sarnia area:

  • United Taxi - 519-336-1918
  • Blue Light Taxi - 226-349-6772
  • Uber
  • Lyft

Flexibility in a Pack

If you’re only on campus a few times a week or month, but don’t want the hassle of paying for parking every time you visit, you might want to purchase a Parking Permit Pack. These permits are paid for in advance in packs of 5, 10 and 15.

Once they’re added to your account, they will be deducted on the days you park. When you’ve used up all your permits, you will receive an email from our parking services department.

Parking Fees

Rate Comparison - Fall 2024

Rate Comparison - Parking Fees
Permit TypeCostCost BreakdownIn/Out PrivilegesSavings over Daily Rate
Daily Permit$5.36/day$5.36/day
$911.20 for 2 Terms*
Monthly Permit$79.30/month$3.60/day
$634.40 for 2 Terms*
Come & go all daySave $276.80 over daily rate
One Term Permit$186.46/term$2.19/day
$372.92 for 2 Terms*
Come & go all daySave $538.28 over daily rate
Two Term Permit$296.84/year$1.74/day
$296.84 for 2 Terms*
Come & go all daySave $614.36 over daily rate
Reserved Parking Lot Permit$500.44/year$2.94/day
$500.44 for 2 Terms*
Come & go all dayn/a

*Rates effective Tuesday, September 3, 2024. Costs and savings are based on a 17-week term and your vehicle being parked on campus five days a week.

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