Grants & Incentives

There are several grants and incentives that help employers take on new employees, current students, or recent graduates. Below you will find some options to help make it easier for you to fund a new hire or co-op position, or to train an existing employee.

The grant and incentive information below provide supports for the following types of employees:

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Hiring Co-op Students

Co-operative Education Tax Credit

Amount: Maximum credit of $3,000 per work placement

The co-operative education tax credit is a refundable tax credit available to employers who hire students in a co-operative education program at an Ontario university or college. The program is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency through the Federal income tax system.

Empowering Futures

Amount: Maximum of $7,000 per student position

Aimed at preparing students for the future of work, the program will create new work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities in electricity by providing subsidies of up to $7,000 per student position to the organizations who create these new opportunities.


Career Focus Initiative - Electricity Sector Council

Amount: Maximum of $17,000 to eligible employers when apprentices meet training and certification milestones

Employers who train apprentices may be eligible for grants to help mitigate the cost of training. This initiative support apprentice progression by giving grant payments to employers when their apprentices reach major milestones.

Hiring Students & Recent Graduates

Project Initiation

Amount: Up to 75% of wagest to a maximum of $7,500 per student

This program provides employers with wage subsidies to hire post-secondary students for paid work experiences. Students in turn benefit with quality work experience so they can secure employment in their chosen fields of study.

Graduate Enterprise Internship (GEI)

Amount: Maximum $10,000 for a six-month internship

Southern Ontario small or medium-sized emterprises may be eligible for up to $10,000 of matching funds for a six-month internship for a recent graduate of an Advanced Diploma program. Student who have graduated from STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs will be considered for participation.

The Ontario Innovation Tax Credit (OITC)

Amount: Maximum of $300,000

The OITC includes a 10% refundable tax credit and up to $300,000 per year for Ontario private and public sector corporations. This tax credit can be used towards hiring students for Scientific Researh and Experiemental Development in Ontario.

Existing or New Employees

If you're looking to train new or existing employees, consider the Lambton College incentive program that can assist with the costs for training.

Lambton College Employment Services Training Incentives

If you're an employer looking to hire in the Lambton County area, then Employment Ontario Employment Service providers can assist by using a standardized formula to help determine consistent, fair, and appropriate funding levels for employers and participants.

The incentive amount will vary based on:

  • Complexity of job skill level required
  • Length of training

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