Strategic Plan

Our Five-Year Strategic Plan

In 2019, Lambton College developed a five-year strategic plan that focused on the following three areas:

As this strategic plan comes to an end, we reflect on the past five years and realize that we've come a long way and as a college we've grown and developed and will use the experiences we've had in the past five years to develop our next strategic plan.

Empowering Today. Shaping Tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have student and community success.

Our Vision

A leader in education and applied research, challenging boundaries in a world shaped by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our Values

We are creative leaders in a rapidly changing society.
We respect the dignity and uniqueness of every individual.
We are committed to the highest standards in academics, applied research, and service delivery.
We bring life to new opportunities.
We champion equity, accessibility, and inclusion.

Goals & Commitments

Uncertainty is inevitable. Leveraging its past successes, Lambton College will continue to demonstrate the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen events and re-shape them as opportunities over the period of the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.

A mockup of the illustrated strategic plan pdf.