Indigenous Education

Indigenous-Centred Initiatives

Our Commitment to Truth & Reconciliation

Lambton College provides accepting places to learn in a culturally sensitive and academically stimulating environment for students with Indigenous backgrounds, including First Nation, Inuit, and Métis.

A photo of Jala George sitting at a desk in the common area on campus.

It means a lot that people are taking the time to acknowledge Indigenous issues or to even appreciate the culture. - Jala Noah George, Police Foundations

We will Decolonize and Indigenize our spaces

Given the enormous importance, historical structures, and complexity of the issues identified in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's final report and building on Lambton College's partnership with local First Nations, Lambton College commits to Decolonize and Indigenize our learning and working environments in ways that are credible within both Indigenous and academic communities.

Indigenous Outdoor Space

We are happy to confirm that planning for our Indigenous Outdoor Space is underway!

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Indigenous Student Centre

The Indigenous Student Centre at Lambton College is a designated space for Indigenous students. The Centre provides a friendly and supportive environment where the staff are devoted to helping Indigenous students achieve their goals.

The Centre aims to provide a smooth transition to College and a chance to connect with other Indigenous students. It's also a place that provides several ongoing support services including a College Ready orientation and an Indigenous Student Success Celebration at the end of the year.

Connect to the Indigenous community at Lambton College.

A group of people reviewing documents in the Indigenous student center.
An indigenous student working in labratory wearing safety glasses and ball cap.

More About the Centre

Centre opened in 1992 and has since grown and developed in collaboration and with the guidance of the Indigenous Education Council which is made up of First Nation communities, Indigenous organizations, students, staff, and administration.

Students can access academic advising, traditional elders, visiting speakers, tutoring, academic and cultural workshops, device loan programs, and lunch programs.

Provides students with a bright and vibrant space equipped with study carousels and tables, work spaces, computer areas, kitchen facilities, and a lounge area.

Indigenous students can access this space and meet other Indigenous students while also using the space to study and relax in a home-away-from-home environment.

Indigenous Programs & Courses

All students at Lambton College are encouraged to include Indigenous-focused content as part of their post-secondary education journey. Lambton College offers the following Indigenous-focused curriculum: