Academic Plan

Academic Plan

Dare to be Extraordinary

At Lambton College, we believe in unlocking opportunities and turning vision into reality.

For our students, we are more than an educational institution. We are a gateway to their futures. We assist them in mapping out career trajectories and ensuring they not only possess technical acumen but also the interpersonal skills vital for career success. More than just job titles, we instill the spirit of dreaming big.

Our faculty are highly valued and supported in their professional growth, ensuring they employ inclusive teaching methods, and foster engaged learning inside and outside the classroom.

And, at the heart of this approach, is an uncompromising commitment to accessibility, equity in learning, and combating bias and racism.

Student smiling in front of Lambton College banner and balloons

The Future

As we look to the future, our new five-year Academic Plan will serve as our guiding light. It will be dynamic, agile, and will continually evolve to reflect our shared values and objectives.

  • This blueprint is our commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow, cultivating change, fostering innovation, and facing global challenges head-on.
  • It will assist us in the continued development of world-class programs and student experiences that shape graduates to be successful in their professional and personal journeys.
  • The Academic Plan will reflect our values as a College, outlining the pillars and priorities that will inspire students to follow their dreams. It will motivate students to achieve their goals, and drive them to reach their full potential.
  • It will empower them to “Dare to be Extraordinary!”

Aligning Our Goals

The Academic Plan builds upon the Strategic Plan and aligns with the Vision, Mission and Goals of the College. These and other internal documents will continue to inform the Academic Planning process and guide us as we develop the key priorities, strategies and initiatives that set the foundation for a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for the next five years.