Academic Plan

The Planning Process

  • The planning process took place over an eight-month period and followed a multi-phased framework that emphasized collaboration, engagement, and transparency involving students, administrators, alumni, faculty, staff, industry, and community partners.
Group of students at Residence

Project Phases

May 2023 - June 2023

This phase involved gathering and analyzing information:

  • An in-depth review of all relevant internal and external documents.
  • Conducted an external environmental scan to identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Identified key trends influencing Lambton College and post-secondary education, such as social, political, economic, and technological shifts.
  • Discussions with Academic Deans and academic staff regarding their school priorities for the next five years.

June 2023 - August 2023

Key purpose of this phase is to provide a solid foundation of information to kickstart the planning process.

  • Finalized the appointment of a diverse steering committee.
  • Engaged in eight internal faculty and staff consultations, and administered a faculty survey resulting in over 500 unique responses.
  • Conducted six student consultations, administered a student survey, which resulted in 1680 unique responses, held student focus groups, and conducted 14 class visits with approximately 420 student participants.
  • Engaged in discussions with a broad range of industry and community leaders and organized an Industry Think Tank event to gather insights into challenges, needs, and workforce gaps.

September 2023 - November 2023
  • The Steering Committee analyzed the collected data, drafted key priorities, and established goals for the final Academic Plan.
  • Created a draft Academic Plan report to be presented to internal and external stakeholders including the Senior Management Team for feedback.
  • The Steering Committee produced the final written Academic Plan report for presentation to the Board of Governors.

November 2023 - January 2024
  • The final Academic Plan will be presented to the Senior Management Team incorporating all relevant feedback received during consultations.
  • Following approval from the Board of Governors, Academic Deans will develop school-specific Five-Year Operational Plans to align with the Academic Plan.
  • Operational Plans will detail strategies, timelines, and expected outcomes for each school.