Student Supports

Supporting Our Students

Finding Balance

Being a college student isn’t just about attending classes – it’s also about meeting new friends, gaining new experiences, and making memories. A lot can happen outside of the classroom, so it’s important to know what’s available to students who are looking for a balance of social life and school life or students who may need help getting through a rough patch.

Look at what we offer our students to ensure your experience at Lambton College is a great one.

Program advising
A lot can happen outside of the classroom, so it’s important to know what’s available.

Student Life & Activities

Taking a break from your studies is a great way to relieve stress, experience new things, and challenge yourself. At Lambton College, there are lots of ways to get involved by playing sports (varsity or intramural), joining a club, taking on a role on the Student Administrative Council or taking part in social events organized throughout the year.

Academic Supports

Academic Upgrading

Not sure if you meet the admission requirements for a program? See if we can help through Academic Upgrading.

Accessibility Centre

Looking for information about accessibility and accommodation supports? Learn more by visiting the Accessibility Services section.

Co-op & Placements

Many of our programs have co-op or placements components. Learn more about how work experience is built into these programs and see how this is an advantage after graduation. Visit our Co-ops and Placements section.

Counselling & Wellness

While studying at Lambton College you may need either academic or personal counselling. These services are available to all students – learn more by visiting our Counselling and Wellness section.

Indigenous Education

Lambton College is committed to including Indigenous Education in all areas of study. Learn more about supports for Indigenous students by visiting our Indigenous Education section.


Our testing services area provides students with both internal and external testing services. Visit our Testing Services section to learn more.