Events & Workshops

  • Indigenous-focused events and workshops are organized throughout the year by the Indigenous Student Centre. Each year, an annual Mini Pow Wow is organized towards the end of the winter term as an official end to the year’s events.

    At Lambton College we understand that traditional, educational and career goals are all intertwined, which is why we offer a number of services on-campus to support indigenous students. In addition to social events, the Centre also offers a variety of academic and cultural seminars and workshops.

    • Effective Note-Taking
    • Strong Study Skills
    • Time Management
    • Test Taking
    • Exam Preparation
    • Goal Setting
    • Research Skills
    • Stress Management
    • Money Management
    • Elder Visits
    • Moon Ceremonies
    • Medicine Wheel Teachings
    • Sweat Lodge Teachings
    • Sharing Circles
    • Traditional Medicines
    • Roles and Responsibilities

    For information about upcoming events and workshops, please visit our Events page on myLambton.

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