• All students, regardless of ability, must be able to access all documents.

    • Use bold font for emphasis 
    • Use a simple, sans-serif font (e.g. Arial, Tahoma or Verdana) of at least 12-point size for documents, and 30-point size for presentations 
    • Utilize black text on a white background (to show high contracts) 
    • Alternative text must accompany all images 

    Making the classroom accessible 

    •  Students who are blind or have low vision should have the option to submit their assignments electronically. 
    • Be sure to verbalize what is written on a screen or whiteboard for students with limited vision. 
    • Remove images from class presentations and ensure lecture notes are available before class. 

    A variety of training modules and informational documents are available for employees of Lambton College. Employees can access these tools through the Accessibility Centre on myLambton. 

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