• Continuing Lambton College’s belief that cost should not be a prohibitive factor in the pursuit of higher education, the Lambton College Alumni Association provides current students access to the following scholarships and bursaries on a yearly basis.

    Alumni Association Leadership Award ($500)
    Each year a graduate of Lambton College is awarded the Alumni Association Leadership Award. The candidate is selected based on his/her leadership, dedication and contributions to Lambton College that positively affect student life and the award is presented at Convocation.
    Top Male and Female Athletes ($100)
    Awarded to the top performing male and female varsity athletes in a given year; criteria is based on academic and athletic excellence.
    Alumni Association Scholarship for Orphan Program ($250)
    Each year, the Alumni Association provides this scholarship for a program where no other scholarship opportunities exist. The award is generally given for academic achievement, but specific eligibility may vary from year to year.
    Second Generation Scholarship ($500)
    Awarded to a student whose parents attended Lambton College. This award is also based on academic achievement, college/community involvement and financial need.
    Academic School-specific Bursaries ($1,250)
    One bursary is provided to each academic school, each year; the bursary is awarded based on financial need.
    Food Bank Scholarship ($300)
    The Lambton College Alumni Association provides a donation to the food bank each year.
    General Bursaries ($2,000)
    The Lambton College Alumni Association sets aside $2,000 each year to put towards general bursaries for students with financial need.
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