Mentorship Program

  • In November 2013, The Lambton College Alumni Association launched a Mentorship Program to connect current students with established community leaders, industry professionals, and alumni.

    The program requires each mentor/mentee pair to set personal and professional goals supported by a one hour commitment per month (either in person, on the phone or via e-mail) throughout the duration of the program. Mentors and mentees also have the opportunity to attend a variety of different program events.

    Who can be a Mentor?

    Any established Lambton College Alumnus or community professional can apply.

    Apply to be a mentor

    Who can be a Mentee?

    Any Lambton College student in their 2nd or 3rd year of study.

    Apply to be a mentee

    Applicants will be contacted by a member of the Alumni Association to schedule a one on one interview.

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