Premier’s Awards

  • Celebrating Ontario’s Outstanding College Graduates

    The Premier’s Awards recognize the tremendous social and economic contributions that Ontario’s college graduates make to Ontario and throughout the world.

    Presented annually, the Premier’s Awards recognize graduates in the following six categories:

    • Business
    • Community Services
    • Creative Arts & Design
    • Health Sciences
    • Recent Graduate
    • Technology

    2016 Lambton College Premier’s Awards Nominees:

  • Sean Pinsonneault

    Sean Pinsonneault

    • Electronics Engineering Technology, Class of 1990
    • Executive Vice President, Strategy and Wagering, Woodbine Entertainment Group
    • Premier’s Awards Category: Business

    Sean Pinsonneault is a revolutionary leader who is changing the face of the horse racing industry across North America and the world. Considered an expert in his field, he is called upon to provide his expertise on the most influential Boards in horse racing. Pinsonneault’s ability to navigate change and uncertainty with respect to wagering-related activities through the creation of a strategic vision has allowed him to drastically increase revenue generation for Woodbine Entertainment Group. His career success has transcended boundaries, resulting in the creation of industry standards that have changed how many other companies conduct their own business.

    Shawn Johnston

    Shawn Johnston

    • Social Service Worker, Class of 2010
    • Events Coordinator, Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre, University of Waterloo
    • Premier’s Awards Category: Community Services

    After overcoming a 10 year addiction battle and issues of racism, homophobia, and abuse, Shawn Johnston found a new life at Lambton College. Having used the services provided by the Aboriginal Centre during his post-secondary journey and understanding the important role it plays, Johnston has dedicated his career to paying it forward. Johnston now works at the Aboriginal Centre at the University of Waterloo where he strives to make a difference in the lives of the Aboriginal students he serves. Johnston used his strong relationship building skills to drastically grow the program, ensuring that no Aboriginal student is left behind.

    Aaron Huggett

    Aaron Huggett

    • Media Fundamentals, Class of 2002 / Chemical Production and Power Engineering Technology, Class of 2014
    • Creative Director, Eclipse Media Productions
    • Premier’s Awards Category: Creative Arts & Design

    As the Owner and Creative Director for Eclipse Media Productions, Aaron J. Huggett is a visionary film-maker who aims to bring about social change through the use of independent feature films, commercials, music videos and advocacy videos for non-profits. His innovative techniques have allowed him to produce a multitude of critically acclaimed feature films on the independent film circuit, impressively with some of the smallest budgets in the industry. As a screenwriter and film maker, Huggett’s films have been distributed in 66 countries on all continents and have received numerous awards around the world.

    Christopher Omira

    Christopher Omira

    • Diploma in Nursing, Class of 2003
    • Community Health Nurse (Advanced Practice), Health Canada, First Nation & Inuit Health Branch
    • Premier’s Awards Category: Health Sciences

    Christopher Omira has spent his life defying the odds. Growing up in a small Kenyan village, he walked 10 km to school each day, often hungry, believing education was the key to lifting himself out of poverty. Omira has dedicated his life to making the world a better place. In Canada, he uses his nursing education to provide primary health care to some of the most disadvantaged residents in the country who live in isolated First Nation communities. In Africa, he co-founded a non-profit organization and helped launch a new school, student loan program, sanitary pad program, and health centre.

    Anthony Varga

    Anthony Varga

    • Electronics Engineering Technology, Class of 1985
    • President & CEO, Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd.
    • Premier’s Awards Category: Technology

    In January 2016, Anthony Varga was named the President and CEO of Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd. This move came as a natural progression in Varga’s career where he has gained a reputation as being a game-changer who gets results. A born leader, Varga has successfully used value stream mapping to evaluate an organization’s operations from top to bottom, all while bringing an accelerated evolution into an organization in a way that people understand and fully engage with the changes. His reputation to bring about efficiencies and effectiveness to each organization he has worked with has been the cornerstone of his career.

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