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    Academic Awards Recognizing Student Achievements and Excellence

    Hard-working and high-achieving Lambton College students are receiving more than $240,000 in scholarships and academic awards this year.

    The annual Academic Award ceremonies were cancelled in response to COVID-19. Nevertheless, more than 180 students across all academic programs are celebrating the awards earned with their academic effort, dedication to student groups, and commitment to the community.

    “The Lambton College Academic Awards recognize a wide range of students for their hard work and dedication and I'm proud of every one of them,” says Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College. “I congratulate all of our award recipients on their achievements, and I thank our donors and partners for so generously helping our students succeed in their education and beyond.”

    The Academic Awards are made possible by The Lambton College Foundation's scholarship program, which is supported by individual and family donors, and corporate and community partners.

    The Lambton College Foundation would like to extend special recognition to TD Insurance, the Academic Awards Presenting Academic Excellence Sponsor. The Foundation would also like to recognize Lambton College's own Student Administrative Council, the Academic Awards Student Success Sponsor.

    “At Lambton College we believe cost should not be a prohibitive factor when it comes to pursuing and completing a post-secondary education,” says Marc Guilbeault, Director, The Lambton College Foundation & Alumni Association. “Our scholarship program allows us to remove financial barriers for students which enables them to focus on their studies, co-ops and field placements, and extra-curricular activities. Our donors and partners make this possible, and we are incredibly grateful.”

    Since its inception in 1994, The Lambton College Foundation has raised millions of dollars to enhance facilities, programs and services for students, and provide financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries. This fundraising is undertaken to further position Lambton College as a leader in educational programming and student life, attracting new students to the area and supporting the retention of highly skilled professionals for the local workforce.

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