Scholarships & Bursaries

  • Post-secondary education can be an expensive proposition. However, the Lambton College Foundation is committed to ensuring cost is not a prohibitive factor in attaining the world class education and training provided by Lambton College. Thanks to our generous donors we have a robust scholarship and bursary program that provides valuable financial support to a wide range of students.

    Lambton College is the proud home to a diverse student population that excels in many different ways. A high GPA is an admirable achievement, but at Lambton College we know GPA doesn’t always tell the full story of a student, and we work hard alongside our donors to have a scholarship and bursary program that recognizes and rewards all kinds of excellence.

    The range of merits rewarded by our scholarship program include:

    • Academic performance
    • Aptitude in labs and hands-on skills
    • Performance in co-ops and internships
    • Attitude and work ethic
    • Future plans
    • Community involvement and volunteerism
    • Perseverence and working to overcome barriers

    The naming of a scholarship helps create a lasting legacy for a loved one, family or organization. Get in touch to find out more about the scholarship and bursary program and how you can enrich the future of our community by helping Lambton College students today.

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