Advanced Bio-Technology

  • Dr. Baoling Chen has exceptional expertise and experience to be the 2019 Industrial Research Chair for Colleges (IRCC) for the Advanced Biotechnology and Natural Health Product Research Program at Lambton College.

    This program focuses on:.

    • Developing advance, affordable biomaterials;
    • Natural health products;
    • Advanced manufacturing; &
    • Product quality control

    Dr. Chen obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo in Chemical Engineering with a focus on designing, characterizing and evaluating protein-based biomaterials a gene delivery system in vitro and in vivid. Her academic excellence was proven through with 12 peer-reviewed journal paper, two US patents and five conference presentations. Dr. Chen has developed and supervised 41 projects through collaboration with 32 industry partners in the bio-industrial field.

    These projects have attracted more than $2M grant and have engaged 50 students, six faculty, eight staff and 50+ industry staff. Additionally, these projects have resulted in two pilot plants, five prototypes, 10 developed and 13 improved technologies/processes/products.

    As IRCC chair holder, Dr. Chen will involve all aspects of the proposed IRCC program, spanning from initial project discussions with industrial partners, to devising detailed research plans and subsequent executions, to hiring and training of research students, and to communicating the results with our industrial partners, and setting and discussing future plans to carry out additional industry-driven research projects.

    Dr. Chen is fully committed to the activities of the Chair including all associated administrative functions and will not be taking other responsibilities beyond the applied research activities while leading the IRCC program at Lambton College.

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