• The Information Technology & Communication Research Centre (ITCRC) provides support and collaboration with companies and organizations to meet the requirements of the diverse areas within the IT industry. Lambton College utilizes the expertise of industry experts and professors, along with student researchers to overcome the technological obstacles presented by our industry partners. The ITCRC was established in 2018 and is based on a five year College and Community Innovation Program – Innovation Enhancement Grant from NSERC. It builds on foundation of IT-related research at Lambton College, which has collaborated with more than 60 companies in last 4 years to support their digital technology adoption projects. More than 80 digital products and technologies were developed for companies from manufacturing, agriculture, chemical production, marketing, education, water and energy sectors.

    Areas of Focus

    Software Design, Development

    • Embedded System Design & Delivery
    • Android, Ios, Web & Desktop Applications
    • Responsive Hybrid/OPA We Application
    • RESTful Web Services
    • Process Automation
    • E-Business

    Cloud Computing and VR

    • Application Deployment
    • Cloud Security & Cyber Security
    • Parallel, Distributed Computing
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
    • Application Architecture & Design

    Big Data and Data Science

    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Heuristic Algorithms
    • Machine Learning
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