Community Benefits

  • It is estimated that Lambton College contributes more than $40 million annually in direct and indirect spending to the regional economy. Two-thirds of enrollment originates from Lambton County, enabling local students to reduce costs by staying at home to pursue their educational goals.

    Lambton College plays a key role in supporting Sarnia-Lambton's economic and community development goals by:

    • Providing employers with a well-trained workforce
    • Attracting industry to the area
    • Providing regional community with skills to make businesses more productive and competitive

    Lambton College is an innovative educational institution that aims to lead post-secondary education, training and research through strategic growth and development.

    Funds raised help provide an enhanced educational experience for students, encouraging them to strive to reach their highest potential and increase their chances of success.

    Investing in Lambton College attracts domestic and international students that make a significant positive impact on the local economy and community at large.

    Expanded purpose-built recreation and fitness facilities will be an important addition to the sport and recreation inventory of Sarnia-Lambton providing a large, neutral site for local sporting events, enhancing the ability to attract large-scale tournaments, and will be available for community rentals, trade shows and other events.

    The new Lambton College Athletics & Fitness Complex will not only serve the need of the student body but will benefit the sporting community of Sarnia-Lambton.

    Lambton College serves industrial employers, including the chemical process and energy production sector through innovative training opportunities and flagship technology programs, thus providing a specialized workforce for the petrochemical, refining power and manufacturing companies.

    The School of Technology, Energy & Apprenticeship provides students with the ability to learn first-hand on equipment that is currently utilized in the industry. The return on investment made by local partners to support technology programming results in reduced training time required by graduates when hired.

    An Equipment Renewal Program will ensure that students learn on state-of-the-practice instructional equipment.

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