• Why couldn't one of the vacant buildings in the area be utilized for the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre?

    • Health sciences education programs represent more than 25 per cent of the college's enrollment. Relocating 800 to 1,000 students to an off-site campus would add an additional $700,000 in annual operating costs and have a negative effect on the student experience.

    Why is the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre important?

    • Health sciences programming represents a diverse group of careers. The needs of an aging local and provincial demographic paired with changing provincial health care delivery models, means future demand for health sciences education will continue to increase.

    Why does Lambton College need a new Athletics & Fitness Complex?

    • A new Athletics & Fitness Complex is needed to meet the growing demand for physical education, fitness training and intramural and varsity sports that current and future students look for as part of their post-secondary experience. Expanded purpose-built recreation and fitness facilities will be an important addition to the sport and recreation scene in Sarnia-Lambton.

    How is the college funded and why would it not subsidize the entire capital project?

    • Annual grants are provided by the Province of Ontario to fund college operations. Special one-time capital funding of $20 million is being sought from a Provincial and Federal grant for this project. The Lambton College Board of Governors has established reserves of $4.3 million in support of these important projects. Lambton College students have also made a significant ongoing financial commitment to the new Athletics & Fitness Complex.

    Why is the community's support so important?

    • This project will allow Lambton College to maintain a leadership role by linking state-of-practice health education with research in future health care delivery models.

      The community's support and financial commitment to Lambton College is an investment in the future of students, employers, the region and the province. Lambton College continues to provide students and local industry with exciting and necessary educational and economic development opportunities.

      With your help, Lambton College will continue to move forward strengthening and expanding existing programs through investment in leading-edge teaching facilities and the development of new program offerings and community services. These initiatives will also strengthen the local economy, meet industry demands for highly skilled employees, and build a better future for every Lambton College student and resident of Sarnia-Lambton. 
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