NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre

  • Lambton College's current proposal to construct the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre will help meet the growing demand for healthcare professionals in the community by providing health sciences students with and enhanced learning experience. The planned facility will support advances in simulation technology for training purposes, inter-professional education and health-related research opportunities. As illustrated by the addition of new health facilities at other Ontario colleges in recent years, it's clear that there is a recognized need for modern health education facilities to ensure that the highest quality of training is available to students. A state-of-practice NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre that reflects current workplace and equipment standards of industry working environments are essential for Lambton College to remain a leader in the health education sector.

    Health Sciences have always been a cornerstone of academic programming at Lambton College. What started with an initial enrollment of 50 nursing students back in the late 1960s has now grown to more than 800 health sciences students each year. Even today, health sciences students account for more than 25 percent of the college's overall enrollment and nursing graduates boast a 99 per cent pass rate when it comes to writing their provincial nursing exams.

    As a rural region, Sarnia-Lambton faces unique challenges related to health human resources that differ from larger, urban communities. A facility of this calibre will drive the region's economy through the attraction of health-related research opportunities and collaborations. It will also provide Lambton College students with the tools needed to continually investigate best practices in sustainable health care, specifically for citizens with chronic care issues from rural, small-urban and First Nations areas. More so, scholarly partnerships and best practices in health care will contribute to sustaining a skilled workforce in the region, while providing students and healthcare professionals with innovative training opportunities.

    Lambton College's proposal for the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre is more than an investment in health education. It's an investment in the Sarnia-Lambton workforce and an incredible opportunity for the college and community to join forces and invest in the future health care efficiency and economy of Sarnia-Lambton.

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