• During the COVID-19 situation, updates will be coming fast and we know that will leave a lot of people asking questions. We have tried to capture some of the more common questions we've been hearing below.

    Please remember that the situation continues to evolve and this information may be subject to change.

    Current Students

    Will I be reimbursed for my meal plan?
    Chartwells will be providing refunds to students who will not be returning to school next year and will allow returning students to roll over their balance.
    Please contact Coady Thomson at 416-602-6525 or at coady.thomson@compass-canada.com.
    How to I access the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Bursary?
    Eligible domestic students can access the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Bursary by logging into myLambton.ca and visiting the Scholarships & Bursaries section.
    Applications are being accepted until April 24 or until funding is depleted.
    Is there a way to access the college internet signal?
    In response to students' needs for adequate internet access to continue their studies, we have strengthened the wireless signal in the North Parking Lot in from of the Lambton College Event Centre.

    If you need to access the internet from the college, please go to the North Parking Lot in from of the windows by the ballrooms and remain in your vehicle at all times. You can then connect to both the lambtonwireless SSID and the lambtonsecure SSID. This will give you the same wireless access you use within the Lambton College buildings.
    The formal exam/assessment week has been cancelled. What does this mean?
    April 20 - April 25 was the scheduled exam week for most Lambton College programs. However, given the changes to the term and the remote delivery of courses, the formal exam week has been cancelled. Courses will still be doing evaluation and course professors will provide students with updated information on evaluation and course completion plans. Please Note: this will vary between courses, so it is important to review course outlines and stay in touch with your professors.
    What is the availability of residence?
    In order to help minimize the risks of COVID-19, we have requested that student who are able to move out of residence, do so by the end of the day on Friday, March 20.
    In the meantime, our Residence will remain open as we know that a number of students may need more time to move out because of travel restrictions, personal circumstances, or various obligations. We will work with these students on a case by case basis to ensure a smooth transition occurs.
    Will our parking passes be reimbursed?
    We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we determine parking refunds.
    Students and employees who had an active parking permit will be refunded the unused portion of their parking fee.
    Parking refunds will date back to March 16, 2020, when the college first announced a disruption in services.
    • Two-Term Fall/Winter Permit - Refund = $67.32
    • One-Term Winter Permit - Refund = $84.66
    • March Monthly Permit - Refund = $40.32
    • Apprenticeship 8, , 10, 12 weeks - Refund amount is based on date purchased
    • Reserved Lot 1 and 13 - Refund = $214.72
    Please continue to monitor your email for additional updates on when parking refund will be issued.
    Do I need to empty my locker?
    Students can come to campus to pick up their belongings and remove the contents of their lockers by appointment only. Please email facilities@lambtoncollege.ca to schedule an appointment to come on campus.
    Due to the high volume of requests, we will try to accommodate the requested date and time. In your request, please include the following:
    • Date & Time access is preferred:
    • Student First Name:
    • Student Last Name:
    • Locker # (if known):
    • Locker Location (Building and Floor):
    Building access instructions and measures for personal safety on campus will be sent to you in a confirmation email. Please advise if you are unable to remove your locker items at the time scheduled. All items not claimed will remain secured in the locker until the college resumes regular operations.
    Will convocation still take place?
    At this time, no decision has been made regarding the cancellation or postponement of convocation. Please continue to monitor your college email account for the latest updates.
    I have an outstanding library book, will I be charged fees?
    Library services are also being offered remotely. If you have questions or need help researching you can use askON - an online chat reference service - where you can live chat with a library staff member. There will be no overdue fees while the college is closed. We ask that if you have library materials, please hang onto them and do not try to return them. There will not be a penalty for overdue items at this time. If you have more questions email asklibrary@lambtoncollege.ca
    Will I be reimbursed for residence fees?
    We have pro-rated refund balances for Residence fees and have sent them out to all eligible students. Please contact Greg Lee if you have questions.
    There was a TSSA exam scheduled for March 21 - is it cancelled?
    All test centre activities have been suspended effective March 16. We will be reaching out to impacted test takers in the coming days and will be looking at alternative options for students, clients and faculty, where possible. More information on testing will be available shortly.
    Are co-ops and placements cancelled?
    Please visit the Student Services tab for co-op updates.
    I have been approved for a scholarship or bursary. What do I do?
    If you have fees owing, the award will be applied to your balance. If you have no balance owing, we will be reaching out to you in the near future, as we work toward an electronic solution for you to receive your funds. Please continue to monitor your college email for the latest updates.

    Prospective Domestic Students

    Do I still apply for September with my current high school grades?
    Yes, you can still complete your application on ontariocolleges.ca with your current high school education.
    Can I speak to someone about my application?
    Our enrolment advisors are still available to assist you. Visit Our Team webpage for details.
    What about Open House, campus tours and program advising?
    All on campus events have been postponed.
    Our open house will happen virtually on March 28 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Visit our Open House page for details.
    You can still book a virtual tour or a remote program advising appointment.
    Can I still apply for residence?
    Yes, the residence application is still open under your myLambton account.
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